Tips for a fun and safe Halloween

Tips for a fun and safe Halloween

Adapted from a press release by QCT staff

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), in collaboration with its road controllers and the Quebec police services, invites the population to have fun and travel while respecting the rules on Halloween evening.

The SAAQ and its partners remind you to take all necessary precautions to make this celebration safer. Here are some tips:

For trick-or-treaters: 

Wear light-coloured clothing with reflective stripes.
Wear makeup instead of wearing a mask.
Use a flashlight to see better and be more visible.
If you’re trick-or-treating on your own or with friends, let your parents know about your planned route and the time of your return.
Ring doorbells in a group or with an adult and wait outside houses.
Walk one whole side of the street before walking the other side to avoid crossing unnecessarily. Walk on sidewalks and, if there are none, walk on the side of the street facing traffic.
Cross streets at intersections and obey road signs. Before you start, check the traffic by looking left, right, left again and behind your shoulder.
Do not approach or get into vehicles without your parents’ permission.
Check your treats with your parents to make sure they are safe for you to eat.

For drivers: 

Avoid driving on Halloween night, if possible.
Be aware that children may have difficulty judging the distance and speed of vehicles, especially in the dark.
When driving, be vigilant: slow down and anticipate the presence of enthusiastic and unpredictable children on the road.
Use patience and courtesy with pedestrians and other motorists.
Make sure children can have a fun and safe Halloween. Educational games, which make young people aware of the elements to consider when choosing their costume and when traveling on Halloween night, are also available on the SAAQ website.

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