QCT Archives


Quebec newspapers (general archive)

  • The Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales de Québec has digitized a vast collection of Quebec newspapers.
  • Individual newspapers can be searched, but searches must be made by date, because the digital files are cannot be searched by keywords.
  • The archive, which includes several QCT predecessors (but not the QCT itself), is available here: Revues et journaux québécois – Liste des titres. Select “Journaux” from the drop-down list, and then type in the name of the QCT predecessor paper you wish to view. The following QCT-related publications are available:
    • Morning Chronicle (Jan. 1847 – Nov. 1850)
    • Morning Chronicle and Commercial and Shipping Gazette (Nov. 1850 – Feb. 1888)
    • Morning Chronicle (Feb. 1888 – May 1888)
    • Quebec Morning Chronicle (May 1888 – Oct. 1898)
    • Quebec Chronicle (Oct. 1898 – Apr. 1924)

July 1953 – December 1970

October 2007 – present

  • Visit the QCT’s self-hosted archive by using the search input at the top right of the menu.
  • Note that you must have a current subscription and user account to access these archives.



  • The Library of the National Assembly of Quebec contains an extenisve microfilm collection of local papers. This includes much of the QCT’s microfilm from the 20th century, as well as that of many QCT predecessors.
  • These archives can be viewed in person in the Pamphile-Lemay Building, located next to the National Assembly (Quebec City).
  • University Laval also has a microfilm collection that includes some of the QCT’s past editions.
  • NOTE: There are gaps between 1764-1847 on the BANQ site, and none of the QCT-related archives are available anywhere on the web for 1924-1953. Thus, the only place to access the full archive is at the Library of the National Assembly.



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