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Patrouille de France soars over the city


Photo Courtesy of Julia Gabriel, NuggleMe Photography, Levis, QC

Patrouille de France soars over the city

Photo: Photo by Julia Gabriel, NuggleMe Photography, Levis, QC


 Photo by Jay Ouellet



Photo by Jay Ouellet

Patrouille de France soars over the city

Photo: Photos Courtesy of Julia Gabriel, NuggleMe Photography, Levis, QC

They left town Tuesday, headed for South America via Virginia and Florida. But it will be a while before the city forgets the jet-propelled acrobatics of the Patrouille de France.

Military Music Festival Conquers The City Streets

Photo: Marika Wheeler

Quebec City was a-toot with the sounds of military music this past week as part of the annual International Festival of Military Bands.

Bands from the United States, Belgium, Germany and Trinidad and Tobago joined 10 Canadian bands as part of this year's festival.

Celtic Festival Celebrates Ethnic Heritage This Weekend

Taking its cue from last year's popular showing, the Quebec City Celtic Festival this weekend will offer a wide range of activities in order to celebrate the city's Breton, Irish and Scottish communities.

Local Artist Overcomes Difficulties

Pierrette Theriault has been unable to paint the past six months. A degenerative eye disease has cost Theriault the remainder of her ability to see.

But her illness hasn't cost her the motivation to be creative.

The Coming Of Corporate Fascism Part II

We didn't particularly like Stalin, in fact we despised him and what his Communist ideology stood for, but Churchill knew history. He knew that the last line of defence against the Golden Horde was the Russian Motherland and her people. It wasn't so much about having Stalin on our side to stop Hitler, but to potentially stop the Japanese if ever they made it out of South East Asia.

Fundraising casino and dance to help finance trip for Shannon Irish Dancers

Saturday, September 26th, 2009
Fundraising casino and dance to finance the Shannon Irish Dancers' participation in the Eastern Canadian Regional Championship of Irish Dance (Oireachtas) in Niagara Falls.
Come and have some fun! Many prizes to be won!

Casino from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm. Music and dance until 1 am.

Course in genealogy, an introduction

An introductory level course in genealogy begins at 9 a.m., Sept. 12, when the first of three sessions will be held in Carter Hall, next to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity at 31 rue des Jardins.

The course is being offered by Rosemary Bachelor, a professional genealogist and retired genealogical publisher.

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