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Clean Knives, Dirty Knives Equally Deadly

Photo: courtesy of California Pro Life Council

The Quebec Government's Bill 34 requires that, starting September 30, 2009, private abortuaries respect certain minimal standards of security, among others concerning the sterilization of surgical equipment.

It's of course very praiseworthy to protect the health of mothers. On the other hand, clean knives are just as deadly for babies as infected knives.

Gaelic Football Team Organizing Game for Celtic Festival


Memorials and Things of Fame


The Quebec Chronicle 

Stade Municipal painted green for Celtic Night

Photo: Jay Ouellet

The grass wasn't all that was green at Stade Municipal last weekend.

Les Capitales de Quebec wore Celtic green jerseys and the stands were dotted with the fabled colour as the local baseball team helped the Morrin Centre honour the city's Celtic heritage last weekend. The sounds of Celtic music filled the pre-game air Saturday, courtesy of the Matching Keys.

Mount Hermon awaits word on renovation funding

welcome pavilion.jpg
Photo: Ken Schankler

The historic Mount Hermon Cemetery on Chemin Saint Louis in Sillery is awaiting final word from Parks Canada regarding a government contribution toward renovations now underway at the 160-year-old burial ground.

St. Matthews Cemetery

We are certainly pleased to read about the repairs to what is called "St. Matthew's Cemetery."

François Vincent Kiowarini

Re: The Huron-Wendat nation honours Francois .. QCT August 12, 2009, page 4.

I am a resident of Stittsville (Ottawa) who enjoys reading the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph regularly. Congratulations on a usually well-written and interesting paper. I needed, unfortunately though, to relay to you my keen disappointment in two errors in the article`s title on the passing of François Vincent, a well-known Huron-Wendat cultural leader.

Buildings Come and Go

Because things are changing all the time, buildings come down and newer ones go up, sometimes you come to a corner and can't figure out just where you are. Once you become accustomed to the new surroundings, you forget what was there before.

Jeffery Hale Golf Tournament Registration

Now is the time to register for the Jeffery Hale Annual Golf
Tournament. It will be taking place Thursday, September 17 at the Club
de Golf Grand Portneuf. For more information or to register please call
the Foundation office at 418 684-2260.

Charles Daudelin – sculptor

His art in public places

Photo: Jerry

The Huron-Wendat nation honours François Vincent Kiowarini at Pow Wow

Pow Wow 2009 030.jpg
Photo: Marie White


Under a vast blue sky dotted with cloud puffs, the Huron-Wendat nation gathered to honour one of theirs at this year's annual pow wow organized by Tourisme Wendake. François Vincent Kiowarini passed away last February but the legacy of his cultural contributions and historical research live on.

La Fête de la Nouvelle France

Photo: Marika Wheeler


Above: The 78th Fraser Highlanders bagpipe ensemble performed last week at the annual Fête de la Nouvelle France, which for the fi rst time included Celtic, Irish and Scottish influences.



Finally! Saint Brigid’s expansion project gets rolling


Artist rendition of the expansion of Saint Brigid's Home. Foundation work began last week.

Archdeacon Myers fills the gap as minister at Trinity


Trinity Church in Sainte-Foy has a new minister, albeit a part time one, after having spent the past nine months without an ordained leader. The Venerable Bruce Myers is the archdeacon of the Anglican Church's Quebec Deanery and the priest of St. Michael's Church in Sillery.

Memorials and Things of Fame


A Dash, a Pinch and a Smidgen of Fun Facts from the past:


Students dig archeology

Photo: courtesy of Michel Plourde

Over 100 activities will take place throughout the province in August as part of Archeology month.

"Archeology allows people to connect with their heritage, and local history," says archeologist and professor Allison Bain.

Sillery work on the road

Photo: Samantha Ridout

Construction on Oak avenue in Sillery is expected to end at the beginning of October.

The city has not busted its $2,2 million budget for changing the aqueduct and sewage piping, as well as repaving the streets which are dug up.

"So far the progress is satisfactory," said city spokesman Jacques Péron.

The Huron-Wendat nation honours François Vincent Kiowarini

Under a vast blue sky dotted with cloud puffs, the Huron-Wendat nation gathered to honour one of theirs at this year's annual pow wow organized by Tourisme Wendake. François Vincent Kiowarini passed away last February but the legacy of his cultural contributions and historical research live on.

Proper tools for coastline

Canada is a maritime nation and has the longest coastline in the world. In this country, where so many live by and from the sea, safe and accessible waterways are critical to our sovereignty and prosperity. The Canadian Coast Guard and the Canadian Navy are entrusted with the task of protecting and serving our waterways, and to do it effectively, they require the right set of tools.

Macho man the center of Quebec author’s second novel

Caldor is a macho man in every way, especially when it comes to the fairer sex. And he does little, if anything, to conceal his contempt, often voicing his feelings aloud - until he opens his mouth one time too many.

Caldor aims a crude insult at Dierdre, not knowing that she has the power to destroy him. But she decides to merely change him instead.

Finally! Saint Brigid’s expansion project gets rolling


Passersby on Chemin St-Louis should begin seeing the framework for the expansion adjacent to the Saint Brigid's Home sometime after Labor Day.

CEDEC focuses on anglophones in the Quebec workplace

Ten percent more Quebecers over the age of 65 remained active in the work force between 1991 and 2006, according to Statistics Canada. By the year 2011, Statistics Canada says over 32 percent more Quebecers over 65 will continue working in the 10-year period starting in 2001.

Robert Lepage teams up with Cirque du Soleil to create a show featuring First Nations

Pow Wow 2009 023.jpg
Photo: Marie White


Robert Lepage visited the Huron-Wendat annual pow wow last week, organized by Tourisme Wendake, and word has it that he will be starting a new project with Cirque du Soleil to feature First Nations' culture. Details of the show are not yet out but it could be slated for 2010.

Fête turning its gaze toward the Celts, Scots and Irish


Volunteers entertain festival goers in the streets during last year's edition of the Fête de la Nouvelle France.

Memorials and Things of Fame

Chronicle Telegraph

Memorials and Things of Fame

August 5, 2009

Researched and Compiled by Catherine Mills Rouleau



The Morning Chronicle

Bagpipes join baseball on Stade Municipale field when Capitales honour Quebec City’s ethnic heritage

Photo: courtesy Capitales de Quebec

The Capitales de Québec, local favourites of the Can-Am baseball league, will team up with the Morrin Centre to present a Celtic Weekend of baseball, bagpipes and family fun August 15 and 16.

New Cataraqui will offer public events, culinary school

The historic estate of Cataraqui on Chemin St-Louis in Sillery will be equipped to host public events, corporate meetings and a culinary school after the completion of a $9.4 million renovation. It is closed while the work takes place and is expected to reopen next summer.

A big summer at Portneuf

In May, there was the well-attended burial of Cladys Bonneli, a descendant of the first English settlers in Halesboro. Since the lovely little Christ Church for these settlers was burned to the ground three years ago, this burial service was held on the grounds of the cemetery beside the beautiful and unusual memorial site to the honour and glory of this 1842 church.

Paying tribute to soldiers

You see Canadians gathered on Highway 401 overpasses, there to pay tribute to the souls of fallen soldiers coming home from Afghanistan. It makes you sad, but it makes you proud, too. These people don't have to be there. But they know why they are.

St. Matthew's Cemetery's Fascinating Links to the Past

It has been good to follow the news reports about St. Matthew's Cemetery. It is a place with many fascinating connections to the history of Quebec City. It is pleasing to see the city take an interest in the place where such names as Robert Wood, possible half-brother of Queen Victoria, and the other illustrious brother of Sir Walter Scott... but that is material for another day.

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