Memorials and Things of Fame – June 28, 2023

Memorials and Things of Fame

Researched and compiled by Lorie Pierce

June 25, 1823 – The Quebec Gazette


      All houses and other buildings having roofs covered with boards and shingles, within the City and Suburbs of Quebec, are to be whitewashed by the fifteenth of July next, conformably to an ordinance of the Legislature …  [which] requires the same to be done every year.

      John Grout, Inspector of Chimnies.


June 28, 1873 – The Morning Chronicle

City Council

      A letter was read from the Assistant City Clerk, complaining of the cruel treatment of the City Clerk, who thrust all the work upon his shoulders, &c. The City Clerk refused to read the letter, and handed it to the Mayor, who refused and directed the Clerk to read it himself. The Clerk declined, and Councillor Murphy read the letter.


June 30, 1898 – The Quebec Morning Chronicle

Moonlight Excursion

      At a recent meeting of the Ladies’ Aid of St. Andrew’s Church, Levis, it was decided to organize a moonlight excursion, to take place next Wednesday. …They have now secured the services of one of the best steamboats in the port for the evening. The “Queen of the Night” will be shining in all her splendour and no evening’s entertainment could possible be offered which would compare in pure aesthetic enjoyment with a cruise on the waters of the St. Lawrence, amid the classic scenes and historic surroundings of our city, in a safe and commodious steamer manned by a reliable captain and crew.

      New Liverpool, Sillery, Wolfe’s Cove, South Quebec, Cape Diamond, Levis Heights, and the estuary of the St. Charles, Indian Cove, Montmorency, [and] Orleans offer visions of beauty which cannot be surpassed. Music, refreshments and good company will be added to make up an ideal evening.


June 25, 1923 – The Quebec Chronicle

Promise of Comfort

If Men But Dress In Cloth Of Tropical Weight

      “No man need suffer from the heat if he wears the right sort of clothes and under-garments,” said Georges Morissette. “In my Semi-ready shop on St. John Street, I have weaves and fabrics designed to give comfort on the warmest day in summer. I have Palm Beach suits at $15 and $18. I have Irish linen suitings and white serge suitings. My white serges and garbicords are so well shrunken that they can be cleaned in the tub without fear of shrinking in size. I have some 12-ounce cloths in pure Botany wool – beautifully cool and attractive suitings.”


June 26, 1958 – The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

Improving Air Travel

      Helicopters have come more and more into use, although thus far they have not been adapted in Canada for general passenger service. The day may not be far off however, when this type of aircraft becomes quite popular, particularly on short inter-city hops. A recent demonstration in England of the Fairey Rotodyne, a 48-passenger vertical take-off craft, has shown that the aircraft possesses the economic factors that make it possible for general use. The manufacturers believe that the operating cost is not much more than conventional fixed-wing planes.

      The advantages of the Rotodyne are that it can take off from an area some 120 feet in diameter, which would mean that physically it should be possible to create suitable landing spots right in the heart of busy cities. It can rise at the rate of 1,500 feet per minute, and cruises at 180 miles per hour. A flight from Quebec to Ottawa, for instance, could be completed in one hour and 20 minutes. Much more important, however is that provided arrangements can be made to land within city limits, transport of this nature would eliminate much of the time consumed on ground transportation to and from the airports, which makes air travel on inter-city hops, such as Montreal to Quebec, not as much of a time saver as it could be.


June 28, 1963 – The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

Champlain To Be Honoured In Dominion Day Ceremony

      Samuel de Champlain, founder of Quebec City and first governor of New France, will be honoured during special ceremonies on Dominion Day organized by the National Samuel de Champlain Society. Ceremonies will begin with a military parade from the Plains of Abraham … to the Champlain monument on Dufferin Terrace. …Patriotic songs and poems, music by the band of the Royal 22nd Regiment and laying of wreaths at the foot of Champlain’s monument will complete the program. …

      A hymn to Champlain with words by Mrs. Therese Lepage-Caron and music by Omer Letoureau, will be sung by baritone Robert Bolduc.  … The First Father of Confederation, a poem by Georges Belanger in honour of Champlain will be recited in the original French by Claude Marceau … and in English translation by Grant Johnston.

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