Commissionaires Return to Work


Anglo business owners decry lack of resources

English-speaking small business owners across Quebec are speaking out about the lack of resources to help them develop and grow their businesses and contribute to their local economies.

Situation of Hockey in Quebec: Habs Should Take Leadership Role

The debate regarding the lack of francophone, and more specifically Quebec-born, players drafted by the Montreal Canadiens has persisted for quite some time. And, for those who believe that the franchise has a significant responsibility towards the French language and Quebec hockey, this summer has certainly provided fuel to the fire.

Quebec’s Air Carrier Aeropro To Shut Down Flight Operations

August 17, 2010 - Quebec air carrier Aeropro reported on Monday that the company is shutting down its flight operations as a result of its failure to convince a Federal Court in Quebec, Canada to reverse the decision made by Transport Canada which had revoking its operating license.

P.W. Sims program seeks business participation

This fall at Champlain St. Lawrence College's P.W. Sims Business Program, 40 second-year marketing students under Professor Paul Bleau will form into groups of five or six and will be asked to write up a marketing plan for an already existing product or one that is in development, or even just an idea, phase.

Residential construction rises in Quebec centres

According to the results of the latest monthly survey conducted by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), residential construction increased last month in Quebec centres with 10,000 or more inhabitants. In all, 4,223 dwellings were started in June 2010, compared to 2,990 a year earlier.

Rahim Jaffer’s corporate welfare habit

Regardless of what one thinks about Rahim Jaffer's post-Parliament activities, or his recent testimony about assertions he improperly lobbied former colleagues, few people have noted an obvious point: someone first elected as a fiscally conservative Reform MP in 1997 was eagerly going after millions of dollars in taxpayer money.

Government recognizes significance of maple products

The historic significance of maple syrup and other maple delicacies, which are widely considered one of Canada's flagship products, has received official recognition by the Government of Canada.

Champlain St.Lawrence New Intership Partners

Photo: Dave Allard / Maxime Chaumont

St. Lawrence P.W. Sims first year business students have undertaken the task of recruiting new employers for their fellow classmates Internships program.

A successful businessman returns his college for an inspiring conference


In a project of communication, we had to organize an event which included communication process. So my colleagues and I decided to bring a guest speaker to talk about his past experiences and his career.

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