Spring is supposed to have arrived , according to the calendar here in the North of England. Not nearly as cold and never ending as the Winters in my long adopted city of Quebec. The daffodils are in full bloom, the Bleeding hearts are showing that they will bloom once again, and my Indian Hawthorn is looking splendid. I have already mowed the lawn twice in the last three weeks, when I say lawn the size is nothing compared to the lawn I mowed for years in Quebec. In fact all is done in fifteen minutes, that includes collecting the cuttings, ready for compost.

This is my second winter/spring in my home country, or at least I thought it was. Now I am not so sure. Everything is so expensive, houses (houses in this part of the world are twice  and three times the price of the equivalent in Quebec City. Just as an example, two litres of milk is the equivalent of 3.25$.

 This Country is nothing like the place I left in 1967, a rather frightening place to live, gratuitous violence each and every day, all shops with steel shutters, pubs open all hours, with the ensuing problems of alcohol. Young people who seem to have no aim in life other than to cause mayhem.......Nurses and Doctors who have no hope of finding a position in the Health System.

I am looking via the Internet for a new abode, where I most decidedly have resolved to return to Quebec City......even if Spring arrives much later than here.

Barbara, you are making some sweeping generalizations about people in the second last paragraph on the bottom. I am sure not all young people here have no aim in life. There are some who ruin the impression for older people who expect to be hopeful about our young.

For me, I am hopeful, but also, we need to help the young to pass on this hope to them who may have lost some hope due to the struggles our society places on young people and their family difiiculties.

I hope more young people comment on this article.

Best wishes, Pierre Little, Publisher


If you read carefully you will see that the comments I made, were to do with the North of England. It is a well documented fact that the streets are deserted, after dark. There is a fear that pervades the towns and villages......shutters down, CCTV cameras to the ready.

England as you already know is a very small Island trying to accommodate all, with dismal results. Most people who visit England, on holiday see the periphery and not the core.

Here, in the North of England,  where I am at the moment, there is little to stimulate the majority of young people, or very little for them to aim for. The "dole" is very easy to access, for anyone over 16yrs of age.This gives them state "pocket money" to those who apply.

When I mentioned youth it was this age bracket to which I referred.

The all important aspect is the Pub Culture for the average young person, with most Pubs now open all hours. As in any Culture there are those who are determined to make their lives work, and fulfill their dreams. I could continue to try to paint the picture of what I see, but I think you would not understand.

I agree with you Pierre,   your thoughts that hope must be passed on ,is admirable, but hope and words are not enough.

The only reason I wrote, was to show a difference between Quebec with all the opportunities for the young, and the North of England. Quebec is a vibrant ,forward moving place for young people.