Family Feud Invades St. Lawrence

The Famed Television Show Right inside the CEGEP!

Photo: Jefte Morales

The logo created by the students for the event.

April Fools at St. Lawrence was not its usual pranky self this year.
That Tuesday, business students decided to hold a St. Lawrence Feud! The game
show took place at 4:30 in the afternoon, and pitted teachers against students,
or students against themselves. This was the first time a game show was held at
St. Lawrence in recent memory, and it did not disappoint.

            The atmosphere was vibrant and
cheery for everyone there. Teams were competitive and positive, and the team of
four organizing the event were interacting with the participants all afternoon.
The teams battled for prizes, graciously donated by VER-MAC, BOSCH and Krispy
Kreme. There was also a raffle for the contestants and spectators to keep the
crowd involved!

            A huge thanks to everyone who
participated, and the great sponsors, who helped make the first St. Lawrence
Feud an enjoyable success!