Sadness over QCT problems

I would like to express my sadness on
learning about the paper's financial problems.  I have subscribed since
1995.  I have moved to Quebec in 1995.  I have found it to be an
important lifeline as an Anglophone lost in Quebec.
There is no
other way that I am connected to the English community in Quebec City.  I
have always read the Community Calendar looking for activities that I
might participate in that would allow me to connect with our small
English speaking community.
If the paper were to fold, I would have
no access to local news since I do not listen to the local radio station
and there is no local television in English.  I have made a pledge to
support changing the paper to a non-profit status and I would encourage
everyone to make a pledge, no matter how small, so that we can save
something that is important to our survival as a community.

Kristine Sanderson