Plaque dispute needs resolution

In last week's QCT issue (June 16), CQSB Chairperson Stephen Burke makes the point that it never occurred to the CQSB that the installation of the 78th Fraser Highlanders plaque on St. Patrick' High School would be an affront to anyone.

That granted, Irish Heritage Quebec's intervention on the situation, as well as the resolutions passed unanimously by the boards of La Société historique de Québec and the Société d'histoire de Sainte-Foy, indicates some public displeasure. Wardens of education have a duty to attend to historical accuracy. As well, the CQSB commissioners also had a duty, although this seems to have escaped them, that in the spirit of community it would have been common sense to consult the community whose culture the site is identified with. Not surprisingly, people are looking askance at what they have done.

Taking into account the failure to conduct initial public consultation and the consequent situation which constitutes a historical gaffe, could not the CQSB simply act positively toward having the plaque moved to an appropriate venue?

Joe Lonergan, President
Irish Heritage Quebec