Memorials and Things of Fame – May 4, 2022

May 3, 1822 – The Quebec Gazette


A forcible entry was made on Tuesday night … into the Counting House of Messrs. Frost and Porter, on McCallum’s Wharf by breaking a window, the shutters of which had been left open by accident. The robber or robbers carried off a small iron chest, which fortunately contained but £9 in cash and some papers. It was found the next morning in a yard off Sault-de-Matelot Street, broken and with nothing missing but the money.

May 1, 1872 – The Morning Chronicle

Stonethrowing – The people of Little Champlain Street complain that their windows are broken, and their lives made miserable, by the stones which are thrown by urchins from the Cape, at all hours of the day.

Police – An extra piquet of men, detailed half in uniform and half in plain clothing, will look after St. John and other streets in future, and look after those young men who hang around corners and annoy passengers. All such loafers are to be immediately arrested.

May 5, 1897 – The Quebec Morning Chronicle

The Bicycle and Tuberculosis in Women

At the last quarterly meeting of the American Statistical Association, Dr. S.W. Abbott, Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Health, presented some interesting figures regarding the proportion of pulmonary tuberculosis in females to that of males in Massachusetts. The ratio in 1851 was 1,451 females to 1,000 males; in 1890, 1,055 females to 1,000 males. … Last year was the first … in which the number of deaths from phthisis in females was smaller than that in males. The fact that a uniform reduction in the rate of female deaths began some five years ago, about the time when women were beginning to ride the bicycle extensively, Dr. Abbott considers significant, and he is inclined to attribute the decrease in the death rate to the great increase in open air exercise among women which has been inaugurated by the use of the bicycle. – British Medical and Surgical Journal

May 6, 1922 – The Quebec Chronicle

Interview Has Brought Results

The Civic Road Department has become alive to the fact that refuse from street cleaning has been carried through the city streets in open vehicles in contravention of the by-law, and on Wednesday orders were issued from the city hall to the foremen in charge of street cleaning to have all civic carts covered to prevent the dust from being scattered by the wind and the dirt from dropping in the street. In the meantime, the police department has ordered to put an end to the nuisance, and to apprehend all private garbage contractors caught violating the by-law. Added to this, the city Health Department has had a public notice inserted in the city newspapers calling upon all carters of garbage, and loose ashes, to provide covers for their vehicles. … In default of doing so, they are liable to prosecution in the Recorder’s Court. The rule also applies to bakers delivering bread and confectionery.

May 2, 1962 – The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

UAR Man Here On Bid To Lure Tourists To Egypt

History, a beautiful climate and a low cost of living beckon increasing numbers of tourists to Egypt, says N.A. Nassar, of the United Arab Republic [UAR] tourist office in New York. Mr. Nassar was in Quebec yesterday to whip up tourist interest in his country. Egypt, the first country to form a great empire, offers the tourist more monuments than any other he said. It offers to the tourist the pyramids, the sphynx, numerous tombs and excellent museums covering both the Egyptian and Greco-Roman cultures which existed in Egypt, he said. The climate is warm and dry throughout the year, much as in California, making tourism and summer sports, such as golf, year-round activities, Mr. Nassar said. … The tourist will be able to find himself able to live in the deluxe rooms of the country’s leading hotels for $10 [per day] …all with private bath and showers.

The pyramids of Giza were built as tombs for the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre, and
Menkaure who lived in the 4th Dynasty (c. 2575-2465 BCE). Located in Greater Cairo, the Giza Necropolis and the nearby Great Sphinx is a popular tourist site. The site is by far the oldest of the Ancient Wonders of the World and the only one still in existence. (Photo by Ricardo Liberato via Wikimedia Common – Public Domain)

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