COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS HAMPER CAMPAIGN: Reflections on the Season of Giving

COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS HAMPER CAMPAIGN: Reflections on the Season of Giving

Submitted by Cindy Joyce Djamen, Quebec Community Christmas Hamper Campaign

Ho, Ho, Ho everyone! This is the most exciting time of the year, Christmas! I grew up in Cameroon. With great joy and anticipation, my family would decorate the house and prepare the menu and guest list in advance. Toys were not among our gifts. The simple acts of reuniting with our loved ones, playing games, laughing and eating our favourite meals together until 2 a.m. were enough. 

The best aspect of that time of year was giving back to others. We would buy fresh food and donate it to orphanages. We also made sure not to forget to invite a Muslim friend or neighbour to join us in our home to celebrate the joy of the season. It was all about acceptance and love. 

When I arrived at the Eastern Québec Learning Centre, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In my new role as reception, referral, counselling and support project development officer, I was invited to replace my predecessor on the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign organizing committee. In my experience so far, the campaign is wonderful. It is beautiful to see the various religious denominations, schools and community organizations uniting to help households in need. 

I called a woman who received a hamper last year to tell her she was eligible to receive one again this Christmas. She told me, “I am in a better place this year. Mentally, I feel good, and although I am not rich, I would like to volunteer instead of receiving this year.” I also had the opportunity to offer a hamper to a father of five children who is back at school full-time. He told me, “Times are not easy right now money-wise, but we can eat properly, so I would rather volunteer to help others who are in greater need.” It was heartwarming to hear.

For details about how you can contribute, visit, email or call Hamper Headquarters at 418-684-5333, ext. 11835. Follow the Quebec City Community Christmas Hamper Campaign Facebook page to see how the community is supporting this initiative.

I am very glad to be part of this community initiative and to witness honesty, compassion, and understanding for Christmas. I wish you a beautiful Christmas, full of hope.

Cindy Joyce Djamen is shown celebrating her very first Christmas in Cameroon. (Photo courtesy of Cindy Joyce Djamen)

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