Baby Book Bag program revamped

61219_baby book.jpg
Photo: Frank Cannon

Moms (and a Dad) received their Baby Book Bags: Amanda Macko and Maya, Lynn Gauthier and Josephine, Krista Gillen and Annabelle, Greg Domonkos, Kari Shillington and Annabelle, Julie Thebeau and Eddie, Deborah Caruso and Julia, Francine Toupin and Alice, Anna Jvalikovskaia and Zoe, Angelica Montgomery and Conrad, and Zeinab Ebrahimzadeh and Aso.

Did you know that little ones who associate books with happy feelings are more likely to enjoy a love of reading and learning as they grow? Not only do times spent with Mom or Dad enjoying stories, songs and poems help strengthen the parent-child bond, story time and singing help build a child’s memory, listening skills and vocabulary.