Open Letter: Prime Minister, we need action on Islamophobia and racism

Open Letter: Prime Minister, we need action on Islamophobia and racism
Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:
As mayors of cities in which the two deadliest Islamophobic acts in Canadian history occurred, we wish to commend your government, and all members of Parliament, for voting unanimously in favour of convening an Emergency National Action Summit on Islamophobia. The push for such a summit originated from the London Muslim Mosque. This mosque was attended by the Afzaal family – a family that lost four members when they were killed on June 6 in a horrific terrorist attack while out for an evening walk in their neighbourhood in London, Ont. This event occurred just four years after a separate terrorist attack inside a mosque in Quebec City that saw six members of the local Muslim community killed and five others injured.
As a result of these and countless other vile Islamophobic incidents, both subtle and overt, the need for urgent action is undeniable. First and foremost, the voices of people representing Muslim communities from across Canada must be heard. Their experiences are vital and their voices essential. In addition, representatives of Canadian municipalities can support this process, committing to doing the work required to eradicate the scourge of Islamophobia across the country. We share your determination and commitment to combating all forms of hatred and commend your government for convening a separate summit on anti-Semitism.
It is our hope that this summit, along with the Emergency National Action Summit on Islamophobia, will serve as a catalyst for measurable action in support of other racialized communities across our country. Prime Minister, we stand shoulder to shoulder with members of our local communities and with all Canadians who seek a safer, more equitable and compassionate Canada. We look forward to playing an active role in this work, while ensuring those who have been most directly impacted are provided ample consideration and space to lead.
Kind regards,
Ed Holder, Mayor of London, Ontario
Régis Labeaume, Mayor of Quebec City

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