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Community News (Print edition)

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Photo of the total eclipse in Tennessee

Submitted by Philippe Moussette President of the Club d’astronomie Véga de Cap-Rouge

Photo: Philippe Moussette

“Here is a photo of the total solar eclipse taken by me in Gallatin, Tennessee [on August 21, 2017]. It was amazing! For me, it was the event of a lifetime.”
~ Philippe Moussette.

Anti-racism rally derailed by militants

Photo: Ruby Pratka
It started out innocently enough. Several hundred anti-racism protesters gathered Sunday afternoon at Place d’Youville. A band played, parents pushed children in strollers and participants brandished signs with messages like “No to Hate,” “Don’t Get Trumped” and “Ouverture” (“Openness”).

VENDU! Maison Krieghoff has been sold

Krieghoff house.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

The charming little house on Grande Allée at the top of Avenue Cartier sprouted a “sold” sign on its front lawn last week.

Lovingly restored and lived in by Esther Harrison for the past 20 years, the house has been purchased by another lady who lives in the neighbourhood and who, like Harrison, fell in love with the house at first sight.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
In the Court yesterday, a strong minded woman of a determined countenance was brought up on a charge of being drunk and screaming at four o’clock in the morning in little St. Joseph street.

Residential schools only part of Langevin’s legacy

Langevin man.jpg
Photo: Photo from Wikimedia Commons

We’re not sure if Sir Hector-Louis Langevin had much of a sense of humour or irony, but chances are the context for his current infamy would have at least puzzled him.

Stunning solar eclipse darkens skies across North America

Photo: Lise Lafond

All around North America, during the afternoon of August 21, eyes were fixed firmly to the sky in anticipation of the solar eclipse.

STREET VIEWS: The story behind Avenue Watt

Avenue Watt2.jpg
Avenue Watt is named in honour of Scottish engineer James Watt (1736-1819). In 1763, James Watt was working as instrument maker at the University of Glasgow when he was assigned the job of repairing a Newcomen steam engine and noted how inefficient it was. In 1765, Watt conceived the idea of equipping the engine with a separate condensation chamber.

MondoKarnaval celebrates French-speaking cultures

The fourth annual MondoKarnaval will take place from September 2-4. Everyone is invited to celebrate together the diversity of the French-speaking cultures of the world under the theme “Vibrating to the Rhythms of the Francophonie from around the World.”

Celebrating one’s Celtitude at the Festival Celtique de Québec

quebec festival_ball.jpg
Photo: Juanita Craig
Quebec’s heritage has been shaped by immigrants with Celtic heritage. In fact, many Quebecers with European ancestry share a Celtic connection, whether it be Irish, Scottish, Breton, Cornish, Welsh or Manx Gaelic. It only makes sense, therefore, to commemorate the Celtitude of many of this province’s forebears. 

Family Day at Baie de Beauport

family day_beach.jpg
Photo: Juanita Craig

Financière Sun Life sponsored a free Family Day at the Baie de Beauport on August 20. The weather was perfect for a day at the “beach in the city” as hundreds of parents and children romped and took part in the many activities organized for them.