Who am I?

An English professor, writer and translator.

For more than five years I have written a weekly column "Our Man Thursday" in the Sherbrooke Record. I have also been published in the Quebec Chronicle Telegraph, Bel Age, Flood Quarterly, Black Cat Tales, The Northern Connection and several in-house periodicals of important institutions. A novel, titled South to North, is presently in manuscript form to be published one day, I hope.

I retired from a career as a criminal investigator for Canada Customs in 1999.

You'll probably see me around town with notebook and camera watching you or things that inspire an article or two.

See you around!

Bill Cox

Welcome Bill! I look forward to news and any opinion peices you would like to post to your blog.

Just to let you know, if your post is really news oriented...please post it as a "Story" as it will appear with the headline under Online Community - Contributed News.

The Publisher