St. Lawrence Hockey Game

Teachers Vs. Students

Photo: Félix Dugas

Students and teachers ready for the puck to be dropped.

In the context of our communication course, we had to organize an event that would be able to stand out as there were many offered to students in the same week. We wanted to be able to reach many people, but not only students, so we decided to do something that would let us see teachers in a different way than just in class. We ended up with the idea of a hockey game with students competing against teachers.

We planned out the whole evening from scratch and had to find some monetary support as we could not pay the rent for the ice. We finally got some sponsorship from our school and managed to get even on the economical side of the event. The game itself was impressive, the teachers getting away with a great win by the score of 6 to 4. We think we should be proud of what we have made as we took our shot at something big for a first time planning a gathering. All the players had a great time and the spectators enjoyed the game too. We even got asked to plan it again! We will see about that in the future as it was a lot of work, but if we have to do it again, we probably will be able to make an even more successful event this time.