Hello to the wonderful Quebec City readers of the Chronicle Telegraph, Job Patstone here.

Great to see this newspaper finding a new life and a new "raison d'etre." Having been a member of VEQ for three years and fairly active in the community I am concerned about the anglophones complacency towards the use of the English language when dealing with the Quebec Government.

The Quebec Provincial Government supplies all it's forms and information in both languages and has no qualms about sending any information in english. I receive all my forms,(licence,vehicle registration,health card renewal, hydro bills etc.) in english, and I hope most "anglos" do also. The one clinch is, you have to ask for it, (there is always a box to check on their forms) and unfortunately a lot of people do not check that box. It costs a lot of money for the government to offer these forms in both languages, and if we don't ask for forms in english they will eventually stop offering the service. There are 800,000 english speakers in the province, and I'm sure most of those living in the Montreal area are served in english. The information is there, all we have to do is ask for it.   JP