Police Uniform

Just a quick observation/question for readers: 

Is it just me or the army pants the police officers are wearing in protest against the lengthy negotiations for a new collective agreement are way cooler than the usual uniform they are forced to wear?

As far as I'm concerned, they can wear them as long as they want.  I'd even put that into the new agreement... 


We are Sept 2nd, and our municipal police force is still wearing their army pants, or becoming more popular, blue jeans. I hope the many tourists that visited our city this summer didn't take too much notice of the whole thing. However, I don't think their "pant challenge" is working too well, as Mayor Labeaume doesn't seem to be in a hurry to solve the dispute, and why should he be? It hasn't changed anything in their actual work duties, thankfully. The real point is; are the police of this city really doing a good job? Are their work duties really enough? They certainly don't hand out tickets for jay walking, or for driving under the influence, at least not from what I see. Maybe their new convention should include actually fining people for crossing city streets anytime, anywhere. Is there even a bylaw for j-walking in Quebec City. The city would make a fortune in ticket fees. Army pants or not, I'm not sure the police are doing all they could to control pedestrians, it's pretty much a free-for-all when it comes to crossing a street in Quebec City, as compared to other cities outside the province where you must cross at an intersection, or crosswalk. I don't know how one tranlates "crosswalk" into french, but hey, it;s a place with yellow lines where pedestrians should and can actually cross a road and the traffic will stop, (hopefully, in Quebec). Police could control these crosswalks in the beginning, even wearing jeans, who cares? They could make a compromise, army pants for giving tickets to j-walkers. Job