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Seeking a bilingual manager with excellent people skills to see to the daily affairs of the parish: Inquiries; sacramental registers; accounting system and budgeting;
Cemetery sales and database; Manage and supervise paid staff and volunteers;
Develop/enhance the administrative support systems of the parish and cemetery.
Qualified, interested applicants should forward their covering letter and resumé by email to
[email protected] or to the attention of the Trustees, St. Patrick’s Parish, 1145, de Salaberry, Quebec, QC G1R 2V7



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From California to Quebec : Souvenirs of the QCT ’s 175th anniversary

jack waddill.jpg
Photo: Photo by Jackie Waddill

In mid-1939, my mother and father had just turned 20 and 22, respectfully, and the Second World War had not yet begun. My parents had been dating for a couple of years and were living with their parents in Virginia.

My Dad's mother and father, Ruth and Roland (Sr.) Waddill, loved to visit Canada and in particular Quebec City.

Pope Francis blesses the flags of the Royal 22e Régiment

pope francis.jpg

A delegation of the Royal 22e Régiment participated in a general audience with Pope Francis at Vatican City, Rome, on Wednesday, May 14, 2014, at which time the Holy Father blessed the regimental flags. The Van Doos are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year. Presenting the flags to Pope Francis are Chaplain René Roy and the Colonel of the Régiment, Major-General (ret) Alain Forand.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
We have to report a rather extensive conflagration which took place in the centre of the Upper Town last night and which resulted in the destruction of property to

The Lost Fingers ain’t lost nothing yet

Although they're a covers band, The Lost Fingers have done exceedingly well for themselves. Their first album, Lost in the 80s (2008) went double-platinum in Quebec and flew off shelves across the rest of Canada.

Visiting author receives a warm welcome at DDO

Photo: Photo by Kerry King

Dollard-des-Ormeaux School in Shannon proudly hosted author Marsha Skrypuch on Friday, May 9. Skrypuch, who hails from Brantford, Ontario, was on tour as part of the TD Children's Book Week, which is coordinated through the Canadian Children's Book Centre in Toronto. She was one of five authors and illustrators who were on tour in the province of Quebec.

A chilling modern take on Verdi’s Macbeth

Photo: Bethann G. Merkle

The phrase "classic opera repertoire" might conjure up brocade costumes and grand music, soaring sopranos and melodic duets in foreign languages. What does not spring to mind, though, is grim, goose-bump-inducing noir.

La Petite Béquille supports special children in Quebec and Haiti

Louise Brissette's phone never stops ringing. Her spacious farmhouse echoes with children's shouts. As the adoptive mother of over 30 special-needs children, she's used to being on call at all hours.

Neighbourhood road safety campaign in Sillery

Saint-Louis-de-France elementary school in Sillery launched the fifth annual neighbourhood Family Solidarity and Road Safety campaign this week. "This initiative shows the concern of families for everyone who uses local roads and shows the rest of society that it's possible to improve road safety by making concrete gestures," says campaign chairman Jean-Marie de Koninck.

A cultural interlude at Domaine Cataraqui

This spring, in collaboration with the Saint Brigid's Home Foundation, the Jeffery Hale Friends' Foundation will host its fourth annual fund-raising Cultural Interlude. It is our pleasure to invite you to join us at the lovely and historic Domaine Cataraqui for an afternoon of art appreciation and High Tea.

The event, to be held on Sunday, June 1, will begin at 1:00 p.m.

Gilmour Hill closed: new roadwork has begun

The National Battlefields Commission (NBC) has begun roadwork on Côte Gilmour. The hill will be closed to automobile traffic from May 20 until the work is completed in late fall 2014.

The $8.2-million project announced on August 2, 2013, by Prime Minister Stephen Harper will also include a new mixed-use interpretive trail for pedestrians and cyclists.

Ever wish you’d been to an Elvis concert?

Photo: Photo from Shawn Klush Website

He'll have been gone 37 years on August 16, yet Elvis Presley continues to live in the hearts and minds of many, young and old. In Las Vegas and throughout the world, thousands of ETAs (Elvis Tribute Artists) attempt in their own way to keep Elvis' songs and unique stage presence alive.

International Day Against Homophobia family picnic

family picnic.jpg
Photo: Ruby Pratka

In 1990, a family picnic like the one at the École de la Grande-Hermine in Limoilou would have been difficult to imagine. That year, on May 17, the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from a global standard list of mental illnesses.

RCMP Musical Ride coming to Sainte-Catherine

Photo: Photo from Wikipedia

On Thursday, May 29, some very special horses are coming to Sainte-Catherine- de-la-Jacques-Cartier - 36 riders and horses of the RCMP Musical Ride.

The stables will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and presentations of the magical Musical Ride will take place at 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
Here are some facts that I picked up on the RCMP website:

Street views: the stories behind the names of Quebec City streets

Photo: Bill Cox

Rue Josie-Quart can be found in one of the newer subdivisions of Cap-Rouge.

Josie (Dinan) Quart, was born in 1895 in Quebec City and married Harry Stephen Quart* in 1916. Much of her life was dedicated to charitable organizations, community associations, and business or political associations.

The unexpected truth about Quebec’s water

You don't often see the words "water" and "crisis" sitting next to each other in Quebec. The province, whose very name is derived from a reference to water, boasts over half a million lakes and 4,500 rivers.

Is that a street or a rue, a chemin or a road?

As Anglophones living in Quebec, we sometimes refer to city streets by either their English or French name. In the QCT, when referring to the exact address where an event is to take place, streets will be referred to by their French names, because that is what you'll be looking for on the street sign.



Bowles, Michael 1923-2014

Bowles, Michael1923-2014



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