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Les Passages insolites intriguing and amusing

Photo: Photo by Cassandra Kerwin

From July 17 to October 18, the public are invited to see a number of larger-than-life art pieces in Quebec City. The artworks are visible to pedestrians on the streets and walkways of the crescent-shaped area comprising Petit-Champlain, Place Royale and the Old Port; this area was recently dubbed the Quartier Création.

Local company announces ground-breaking CO2 project

Photo: Photo by Sophie Rivett-Carnac

The search to find a cost-effective way of capturing carbon dioxide during energy generation from fossil fuels has been going on for decades. Heads have been scratched and pencil-ends chewed.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
Yesterday, as two gentlemen were talking at the door of the "Mercury" office, they observed a respectable looking man suddenly stagger and fall upon the

The stories behind the names of Quebec City streets

Côte Benson-Hall

Photo: Photo by Bill Cox

The little street known as Côte Benson-Hall (it's almost a lane, really) is named after George Benson Hall (1810-1876). He was born in Amherstburg, Ontario.

Drawn to Quebec

Fire and earth


Fire and earth - working with clay is almost that simple. Add sufficient water to make the earth malleable, and you can meld three of the four "basic elements" into functional vessels and stunning works of art. Those at the peak of this artform have dedicated their lives to the craft but for beginners, working with clay can seem almost instinctive.

Age-old craft

Eloise? No thanks, we have Bruno!

Lucy Price’s debut children’s book a delight

Photo: Photo by Kasia Borkowska

New York's Plaza Hotel has its Eloise and now Quebec's Auberge Saint-Antoine has its own iconic resident: Bruno Lebrun. Bright, loyal and resourceful, Bruno is always in search of adventure and can be counted on to find a solution to the most puzzling predicament.

Bastille Day marked by French Consulate General


Nicolas Chibaeff, the French Consul General in Quebec City, hosted a Bastille Day reception at the Séminaire de Québec on Monday, July 14. In keeping with tradition, the elegant room (in which General de Gaulle is said to have been momentarily) was decorated in red, white, and blue.

Montreal theatre troupe brings the Bard to Quebec City

Photo: Barbara Ford

The Festival d'Éte might be over but Quebec City's summer of cultural delights certainly isn't.

Out of place: Books on the immigrant experience

Photo: Photo by Kasia Borkowska

There are few in the Anglophone community in Quebec City who are not intimately acquainted with the immigrant experience. Even those who have moved from another province, or even a neighbouring city, know the challenges - and the many rewards - of being a newcomer. Who among us have never felt out of place, as though they do not belong?

Saint-Félix church celebrates local artists

Photo: Photo by Bill Cox

Nestled under the trestle alongside the Cap-Rouge tidal river, is Église Saint-Félix-de-Cap-Rouge. The beautiful little stone church has been celebrating masses with the help of local talent every Sunday this summer, until August 17. I attended last Sunday's service, and I'm pleased to say that our artists made me very proud.

Mount Wright has trees for the hugging

Have you hugged a tree lately? Well Mount Wright would be a good place to find a nice tree to hug. The Wright family donated their 190 hectares (469 acres) of exceptional forest to the Municipality of Stoneham and Tewkesbury. One of the conditions of the gift was that the trees and the land would be protected.

Not-so-high stakes rescue

Photo: Photo by Bethann G. Merkle

Last week, GRIMP, the fire department's rescue unit conducted a practice rescue from the heights of a construction crane.

Named after the French word grimper (to climb), the rescue unit strapped one of their fellow firemen onto a gurney and lowered him from the top of the eight-storey crane.

“Saluting Our Builders”

New France Festival honours the first settlers

first settlers.jpg
Photo: Photo by Kasia Borkowska

Rides on the historic schooner La Goélette Grosse-Île, demonstrations on how to make a birch-bark canoe, and tours of the private Ursuline gardens are just some of the highlights of this year's New France Festival (Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France), which will run from August 6-10.

We're digging archaeology this August!

Photo: Photo by Sophie Rivett-Carnac

Throughout August, Quebecers across the province are being encouraged to get out and enjoy the plethora of activities organized to mark Archaeology Month. The Archéo-Québec Network promises every site you visit will hold a hidden story, often going back thousands of years.

Extra Midi en Musique concert will feature Cathedral organs


The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is pleased to announce an additional concert in their Midi en Musique concert series. Acclaimed organist Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse will be featured in a noon-hour concert of organ music. Dr.

An architectural stroll down memory lane at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church

Photo: Photo by Cassandra Kerwin

In keeping with the movement by archaeological organizations and universities to spotlight historic and religious sites in urban centres, an exhibit in the Saint-Jean-Baptiste district examines the impact of local religious communities.

Commissioner of Official Languages urges the federal government and CBC to keep in mind its duties with regard to official langu

Photo: Bethann G. Merkle

Canada's Commissioner of Official Languages Graham Fraser recently reminded the federal government and CBC/Radio-Canada that they both have responsibilities to official language communities as the public broadcaster's operations evolve.

"CBC/Radio-Canada is faced with challenging circumstances and is attempting to put together a strategic plan that will enable it to fulfil its mandate to th

Public art in Quebec City – 102 works to discover

The City of Québec and the Quebec City tourism office have launched a guide to public art called L'Art public à Québec - 102 Oeuvres à Découvrir (Public Art in Quebec - 102 Works to Discover).

This publication gives residents and tourists alike an unusual view of the city of Quebec and its many artistic treasures, said Minister of Culture Hélène David.

Giant hogweed, invasive and nasty!

One day while picking wild flowers with my granddaughter, we came upon an enormous plant. It was so tall that it reminded me of the children's fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. At first I thought this plant might be a sunflower; maybe a bird had dropped a seed and a plant grew. However, when I looked closer, I noticed that the plant had big white flowers.


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