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August 21, 2013



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Le Dîner en Blanc Was Well Served

Despite the likelihood of rain, 1500 people attended the annual outdoor Dîner en Blanc last Thursday evening. On site, Head Organiser André Auger shared his passion. "This year, for the 25th celebration since its creation in Paris, we are happy to announce that we are a record number of people. We are up from 1200 in 2012 and from 700 in 2011."

Expansion work complete at Université Laval PEPS

Photo: Image Courtesy of University Laval

On July 4, the Rector of Université Laval, Denis Brière, announced the completion of work on the Physical Education and Sports Pavilion, or PEPS, as it is familiarly known. Also at the ceremony were Steven Blaney, Minister of Veterans Affairs, Agnès Maltais, Quebec Minister of Labour, and Régis Labeaume, Mayor of Quebec City.

Bilingualism a “mixed bag” for Quebec City author

Barry McCullough, executive director, Morrin Centre - the author, Elizabeth Perreault. Event coordinator..JPG
Photo: Bill Cox

Thursday, August 15, the Morrin Centre hosted a special off-festival event with author Kathleen Saint-Onge. Originally from Quebec City, the author grew up in a French-speaking home and attended English schools. In her presentation during the Quebec launch of Bilingual Being: My life as a hyphen, she explained how this duality played an important part in her story.

Grosse-Île passes half-million mark!

Since 1990, when Parks Canada first opened Grosse-Île's doors to the public, over 500,000 visitors have flocked there. Located in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, the island served as the quarantine station for the Port of Quebec from 1832 to 1937. At the time it was the main point of entry for immigrants coming to Canada.

Séminaire de Québec opens its doors to the public

Photo: Luc-Antoine Couturier

As part of its summer program celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Séminaire de Québec, the public is invited to entrez dans nos murs. Guided tours will be offered within the walls of the venerable institution on August 24, 25, and 31, and September 1, between 9:00 a.m.

Festibière carries on ages-old traditions


"In ancient Greece, Hippocrates used beer to treat fevers. In the Middle Ages, beer was said to stimulate the appetite.

Public Markets share passion with the public


The 5th edition of Quebec's Public Markets Week offers a great opportunity for the public to come share in the passion and the fruits of the labors of local producers and artisans." This affirmation was made by Steve Gauthier, a farmer, farmers market vendor, and current president of the Association des Marchés publics du Québec.
With sixty six farmers markets across the province, local f

Montmorency Forest’s faunistic concert: a magical night under the stars

music people.jpg
Photo: Juanita Craig

Count your lucky stars away from the light pollution of the city. Watch satellites race across the night sky. Try it at the edge of a lake in the middle of a forest while listening to enchanting music, and you might be at the Montmorency Forest faunistic concert.
The Montmorency Forest is a 50-minute drive north of Quebec following route 175.

Quebec water bombers deployed early to Los Angeles

Photo: Danielle Burns

While summer temperatures are beginning to cool off in the province of Quebec, down south in the arid climate of Los Angeles, California fire crew are bracing for a busy season, and they are looking north for support. For the past 19 years, Quebec water bombers have been leased by Los Angeles County, to help deal with wildfires that threaten people, forest and property in that area.

When temperatures rise: how to beat the heat

water glass.jpg
Photo: Danielle Burns

Although this summer's temperatures have not been blistering, there is warm weather forecast for the near future. When the mercury rises and stays high for several days, heat builds up, especially in cities where there is a lot of concrete and pavement.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
The Superintendent of Fisheries, on complaint of Mr. Boswell, convicted Ellie Dubuc, an old offender, of "spearing" or "gigging" salmon in the Jacques-Cartier River.

QCT Mystery Photo Contest August 21

Photo: Danielle Burns

Danielle Burns, Bethann Merkle and Shirley Nadeau have been scouting out people, places and objects around the city for you to try and identify over the summer months. Every week, we'll print a mystery photo and your mission is to tell us the location and answer the questions about the photo.

Celebrating our heritage at the Celtic Festival

Photo: Photo courtesy of Quebec Celtic Festival

Quebec City's Celtic Festival is back again for its eighth edition. Festivities will take place from August 29 to September 8 on the Chaussée des Écossais site at the Morrin Centre and at various pubs and bistros around Quebec.
One need not look far in Quebec to find someone with Celtic roots.

Poodles on parade

Photo: Photo by Jeanne Morin


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