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August 14, 2013




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Our Heroines, the King's Daughters arrive!

Photo: Danielle Burns

After reading an article in QCT's July, 31 edition by Bethann Merkle about the Filles du Roy or the King's Daughters, it left me wanting to know more about these women, especially the featured Fille, Isabelle Couture, and the ancestor she chose to embody, Louise Menacier.

Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle France Paraded into Old Quebec

Laurent family.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle France swept into Old Quebec on a day blessed with beautiful blue skies, a bright sun and few clouds. Even the upcoming bad weather that threatened the festivities did not stop thousands of citizens and tourists from lining the route to watch the parade. Everything was underway by 7:00 p.m.

Cap-Rouge dinghy sailing championships

Very rough water beyond lee of the bay..jpg
Photo: Photo by Bill Cox
This event is sponsored by the municipal boroughs of Sainte-Foy, Sillery and Cap-Rouge. Categories of boats are the Catamaran, Optimist, Laser, Club 420 and other boats. This morning’s (Saturday, August 10) race entrants were of the Laser class.

Letters to the Edition

Re: Université Laval's language school

In response to our suggestion that readers share their experiences as students at Université Laval's French summer language school, we received the following:

Take part in Archaeology Month at the Morrin Centre

A conservator's work usually takes place in the lab, but sometimes they have to get wet.

Christ Church in Valcartier celebrates 150th anniversary

Photo: Photo by Rev. Bruce Myers

The Anglican congregation of Christ Church in Valcartier celebrated its 150th anniversary with a special service of choral evensong held in a packed church on August 3, bringing together current and former parishioners, as well as neighbours and friends from Valcartier and beyond.

Quebec welcomes elite world athletes for Vélirium

Photo: Juanita Craig

The 11th edition of Vélirium took place in the Capital last week. Over 1000 world athletes from 30 countries participated in the Union Cycliste Internationale's (UCI) intense, four-day Mountain Bike World Cup event from August 8-11. A total of 95 Canadian athletes raced over the weekend including 50 from the National Team: 67 in cross-country and 28 in downhill.

Bravo Ministries in Burundi


Médiatrice*, 24, leans over her sewing machine. Her one-year-old son naps tied to her back, lulled to sleep by the whirring machines.

Chill with the polar bears at the Aquarium du Québec

polar bear.jpg
Photo: Danielle Burns

It's summertime and kids are out of school on vacation. Parents and kids wanting to avoid the boredom that can sometimes accompany those endless days of summer have tons of options in Quebec City to keep bodies active and minds curious.

Home sweet home in Burundi

The Université Laval graduate students behind Projet Kira, the charity profiled in a December 5, 2012, edition of the QCT ("Giving the gift of family to street children in Burundi"), dream of placing dozens of street children from northern Burundi into foster homes. So far, an eight-year-old boy and two girls have found second homes.

Jazzing things up in Lévis

Photo: Juanita Craig

Since its inception in 2007, the Festival JAZZ etcetera Lévis has had over 200 free outdoor concerts from 800 artists and welcomed more than 200,000 festival goers.

Memorials and Things of Fame


Cassandra Kerwin joins the QCT writing team


I come from a long line of proud and involved Irish-Quebecers. My family have been readers of the QCT for generations. I follow in their footsteps, as I become a writer and photographer for this paper. I have refined my writing, researching and computer skills over the course of pro bono projects and my academic career, at CRC-St. Lawrence and at Université Laval.

Nocturnal wonders: moths outshine butterflies at night

Photo: Photo by Bethann G. Merkle

In late July, our neighbours to the south celebrated National Moth Week (NMW, July 20-28). The initiative was founded in 2012 by a non-profit organization based in New Jersey. Since then, "national" moth week has taken wing as an international event focused on raising awareness and appreciation for these nocturnal cousins of the butterfly.

Why moths?

Controversy in the air . . . pipeline, trains or ships?

Which would you prefer: an oil pipeline passing underground near your community, or a train passing by or through your community pulling a long line of oil tanker cars? What other alternatives are there? Thousands of trucks on the highways? Hundreds of ships on the St. Lawrence River? There seems to be no one "clean" or "safe" answer.

QCT Mystery Photo Contest

Photo: Bethann G. Merkle

Danielle Burns, Bethann Merkle and Shirley Nadeau have been scouting out people, places and objects around the city for you to try and identify over the summer months. Every week, we'll print a mystery photo and your mission is to tell us the location and answer the questions about the photo.

Jeffery Hale Friends’ Foundation Golf Tournament

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Photo: Jeffery Hale Friends' Foundation

Golf! Dinner! Prizes!

Club de Golf Cap-Rouge

Come support the Jeffery Hale Friends’ Foundation on Thursday, September 12 while enjoying a day of golf, dinner and fabulous prizes at the Club de Golf Cap-Rouge, one of the region’s most beautiful courses. Register for the day ($200 for golf, cart and dinner) or for dinner only ($100).


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