Just thinking

how nice it would be if we could actually be able to contact old friends in Quebec City. Now, I look in the obituaries to see if anyone I know is there...Pretty sad, huh? My husband's name was in there recently. WE met and married in Quebec City and I was born there, so of course it is a very special place for me and for my family.

I wish I could visit the city during the upcoming celebrations. I have so many places to visit now that I'm alone and able to travel. Visiting the kids will come first and if I don't make it to Q.C. this year then I'll try next year. Have to find someone to travel with though - I'm not to comfortable in airports and I would never drive on the 401 or anything close to it.

Those are my thoughts for today. If anyone remembers me, then send me a message. I think it's possible.

Well, if worked! While checking the obits in the C-T recently, I saw the name of a friend whom I had not seen in 50 years. We worked together at the Bell way back then. Through the internet, I was able to get her phone number and we had a long chat, lots of laughs, and lots of memories. Thanks Jean!