Je me souviens what?

I find the licence plates in Quebec quite boring with their "Je me Souviens" slogan at the bottom. Other provinces seem to have such interesting things like "Yours to Discover" or "Canada's Ocean Playground" or "Wild Rose Country" etc. These other slogans are so enlighteneing and positive and describe an area or idea. I think we've actually reached a point where "Je me Souviens" doesn't really have any significant meaning anymore. Unless we're talking about our veterans, which I don't think we are. Yes I know it's on our coat of arms, which was always the PeQuists argument, but hey we all know why it's there, right. "I do remember" many things about my past, and I could list some of them on my licence plate, but we wouldn't see the "Je me Souviens" any more. I have it hidden on my plate anyway by a "Support our Troops" banner. I think Quebec could be a lot more positive with their licence plates. How about, "Vive la Difference" or "Bonjour" or maybe "Joie de Vivre". It's time for a change on our plates, before I forget what I am supposed to remember. Job

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...before I forget what I am supposed to remember

it would appear you already have...

by the way, 'je me souviens' is the official motto of, among others, the van doos

covering 'je me souviens' with 'support our troops' seems, to me, contradictory


if you'd like to know more, try wikipedia.  always a nice place to start looking up something

Thx for your input. I mean no disgrace to the voo doos or anyone else in the military. I just think our licecne plates should have something more positive towards the area in which we live. "Je me Souviens" is in the coat of arms, and that's a great place for such a motto. What does "Je me souviens" tell a tourist about Quebec?

that we place value in remembering our history