Iona Whishaw launching new Lane Winslow mystery

Please join mystery author Iona Whishaw as she launches her newest Lane Winslow mystery, A Sorrowful Sanctuary, at La Maison Anglaise (Place de la Cité, 2600 Boul. Laurier), on Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m.

Iona Whishaw’s mother, Lorna, was brilliant and beautiful. She spoke seven languages, held four master’s degrees, wrote two adventure memoirs and even worked as a spy. She was the perfect woman for Whishaw, a Vancouver author, to model her postwar mystery heroine after.

“She has been a huge inspiration,” Whishaw says of her mother. “In a world where women were taught as a matter of course to subsume their inclinations to the important lives of men, she cut a swath through life that was completely independent.”

Lane Winslow is the star of A Killer in King’s Cove, Death in a Darkening Mist, An Old, Cold Grave, It Begins in Betrayal and now A Sorrowful Sanctuary. She is a former British intelligence officer who, in search of a peaceful life following the harrowing years of the Second World War, settles into the tiny apple-growing community of King’s Cove in British Columbia. There, in the shadow of the Kootenays, she finds friends, neighbours and, to her great dismay, a corpse in her water supply, an unfortunate circumstance that fortunately introduces her to the Nelson Police Department’s inspector, Lane’s dashing and frustrating love interest.

Now retired, Iona Whishaw is an award-winning principal and a respected educator and social worker. She has lived in Mexico, Central America, England, Germany and the former Yugoslavia. She has settled in Vancouver where she now lives with her artist husband, Terry Miller. nhSK74NBYn81K9Rp3h48OBpQOOv2Ov1dcF5AZGc4LZeavu9F9z7e9Mo7px7bOOGkrlw4Nmq5Sv38Jgsq-BxZLWaNY2ymmCuBvBF0aYEqz96nKj_YNBt5NfNUuMH4lTL5rJd_U_TT