Excuses, excuses....

Schools were closed today because of yesterday's snow storm.

The world stopped turning.

Parents everywhere are angered because another day's worth of work vanishes from their two week allowance  sick day  calendar.

But hey! look at the white bright side! This could be a time to regroup as a family, spend some quality time with the kids,  take advantage of this natural situation and amend precious time loss running around all year long without meaning and make something memorable out of it.

Nope, so I  thought I would give you the truth folks:

An unscheduled day off means you must drop the kids off at the mall with a crisp green 20 in the palm of their hands or worse decide it's the perfect time to buy the one last missing x-mas gift  for uncle Bongo...dragging your poor kids in the unbearable heat of their winter coats all while begging you to buy them something!  Anything!

You and everyone else's temperature rises, madness arrives at being caught in Oh my god! Mall traffic! you snap at your children! They scream! You snap at the next in line! Or worse ou break loose on the clerk!

So this is hell?

Come bedime your exhausted, still shaking from having struggled in cash line ups or  putting the stick shift in reverse and backing up out of your  parking space while the next one waiting on you will soon experience your rotten adventure.

So, this is what a snowstorm means: closed schools= shopping malls.

Does anyone just read a book anymore?  enjoys the silence? a small walk around your neighbourhood? build underground  snow tunnels?  Hot chocolate after all the shoveling? 

not today my friends...don't get mad get evil and  shop!