Community loses pillar - Pam (Holt) DUNN

Long-time Quebec City resident and philanthropist Jane “Pam” Holt Dunn passed away suddenly on June 24 at the age of 83 in Montreal.

“Everyone was so important to her, she had time for everyone and she was especially wonderful for kids,” her niece, Susan Armstrong said, adding, “We expected her to be around forever.”

“The Boy Scouts of Sillery which met at St. Michael’s had their own hockey team. Pam Dunn thought it was a great thing so she gave them all hockey shirts,” her close friend Sheilagh Simons remembered.

Dunn was perhaps best known in the region for establishing the Jane H. Dunn Foundation, which provides resources for physically and mentally handicapped children in the greater Quebec City region. The foundation facilitates the education of 200 children with special needs by purchasing adapted education materials and organizing outings for the children. The foundation also supports La Maison de Répit Maurice Tanguay, a home where parents with children with special needs and needing a rest can leave their children

“She was more of a Quebecer than a Montrealer. She was a very generous philanthropist and supporter of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. She and Tim’s [her husband] most recent donation being to the bells project,” Archbishop Bruce Stavert said.

Her friends and family were equally important to her. Simons remembered the Mini-Olympics she organized at the family’s cottage in Ste. Marguerite, Les Noix, every summer with a medal ceremony held Labour Day weekend.

She is survived by her husband Timothy; her sons Peter, Stuart, Robert and Brian; her daughters Daryl and Debra, as well as her 16 grandchildren.