Canadiens vs. Capitals

Hockey Game

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Photo: alex Edet

In our communication class at St Lawrence we had to make an event. Our event was to show a hockey game in the cafeteria. The game was between the Montreal Canadiens and the Washington Capitals and we were serving pizza and soft drinks. Our goal was to get a total of 50 people at the beginning and make a good enough profit in order to make a donation to the Montreal Canadiens children foundation.

Our goals were, we think a little bit over rated since we didn’t reach all of our goals. Even though we didn’t reach all of our goals every single one of us was happy with the outcome. People had fun throughout the whole game and between the periods we made activities such as showing videos and putting music for people to talk and have this nice ambience. We had enough pizza and soft drinks for everyone who came to the event. Overall our event was a success and we would be willing to start over any time.