Blueberry Sunday launch their first album

blueberry boys.jpg
Photo: Mika Dopheide

Blueberry Sunday – Zacharie Roberge, Zacharie Nadeau, Jérémy Fortin and Charles Laliberté – launched their first album, called Melancholic Afternoon, at the end of June. They’ll be performing at the blueberry farm whence they took their name this Thursday, Sept. 3. 

Blueberry Sunday will be performing their very first live show at the restaurant Les Bleuets du Vire-Crêpes, located on a blueberry farm at 975 Chemin Vire-Crêpes in the Saint-Nicolas sector of Lévis on Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. The four members of the band are Charles Laliberté (guitar and vocals), Jérémy Fortin (drums and vocals), Zacharie Roberge (bass) and Zacharie Nadeau (guitar and vocals). They are an anglophone band that perform mainly indie pop music. They started out where they all met at CEGEP Champlain–St. Lawrence. They produced out their very first album, Melancholic Afternoon, at the end of June during the COVID-19 pandemic.The story behind the band’s name is that they performed together last summer at the very same blueberry farm and restaurant, but not yet as an official band, simply doing covers of other artists. As a tribute to the restaurant, they took “Blueberry” as the first half of their name. The original name was going to be “Blueberry Dream” but they later found out that this is apparently a type of cannabis. Finally, they changed “Dream” to “Sunday,” which to them represented a calm and acoustic mood.