Spiritual Chronicles

A Review

William Gladstone, Britain’s Prime Minister under Queen Victoria, began a diary at age eighteen and ended it at age thirty. The entries are highly religious in content and, in fact, served the purpose of clearing his mind on spiritual and religious matters as they pertained to the individual and the nation.

Is it well with your soul?

When I was in seminary, a group of us used to meet once a week, outside of class time, to pray together. Now, you have to realize that we had chapel twice a week at the seminary, plus once a week at McGill, and our regular Sunday worship at whatever church we chose to attend.

A Spiritual Journey, Following the Star

Spiritual Chronicles

With Christmas now but a memory, many of our churches are in the midst of the season of Epiphany, a Greek word meaning “manifestation” or “revelation.”
The one whose manifestation we celebrate during this season is Jesus Christ, specifically his revelation to the wider world as represented by wise men who came to pay this newborn king homage.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Spiritual Chronicles

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity will be celebrated in the Quebec City region from January 16 to 23, 2011. The theme and focal Bible text were first prepared by a group of Christian leaders in Jerusalem, including representatives of the Evangelical Lutheran, Anglican, Roman and Melkite Catholic, Greek, Syrian and Armenian Orthodox Churches.

A Spiritual Home

Spiritual Chronicles Commentary

Today we need to befriend religious questions rather than dismiss or psychologize them. If we attempt an honest questioning of the underlying assumptions to our religious and spiritual beliefs which we have identified as a problem for us in the spiritual life, we are often frustrated.   

Being English in Quebec

Being English in Quebec, I do not simply mean English-speaking, but I mean those whose roots are culturally rooted in the British experience in North America, it almost goes without saying that our thoughts often turn to the political and cultural aspect of the Monarchy.

A Community of Faith

Spiritual Chronicles

In the past several days, I have heard different people say something like: I believe in God, but I don't see any need to go to any church. Most of the people there are hypocrites anyhow and I have a close relationship with God. Or they will say: I am spiritual but not religious.

I find both of these statements profoundly disturbing on several levels.

The Missing Link

Spiritual Chronicles

A successful businessman one day shared with me his life story. He had a successful business and, one night after enjoying an evening with some friends on a small cruise boat, he arrived home and sat down at his kitchen table. As he sat there he started to ponder his life and thought, “I have a great wife, great kids, I’m a successful businessman but ...but... something is missing?”

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