September 30 2009 Edition

Memorials and Things of Fame


The Morning Chronicle

Porter Airlines upgrades Quebec City To Toronto service

Porter Skyline imageColor.jpg
Photo: Photo Courtesy Porter Airlines Inc.

"We're going from a leisure schedule to a schedule that's more business oriented," said Porter Airlines spokesman Brad Cicero.

Cicero was referring to the new schedule that daily will take more passengers from Jean Lesage International Airport to within minutes of downtown Toronto in a little over an hour and a half.

No room for spiritual or thought provoking commentaries in the QCT

I have been a subscriber to the QCT for the last six years. Even though I no longer live in Quebec City, I have continued to support it as an important vehicle for the Anglophone community.

“Falling to the way side” with non-Anglo immigrants

I was reading about newcomers to this country, some with no knowledge of our language and vernacular, and attending ESL courses.

New interim principal installed at DDO

Photo: Courtesy of CQSB

Emily Lagloire has always had a yen for teaching.

"From when I was in high school," Lagloire said, "I was always trying to help other students."

The Indian Act Revisited: The Huron-Wendat Museum launches its first visual arts exhibit

First Nation artists are revisiting the 1876 Indian Act at the Musée Huron-Wendat's first visual arts exhibit in Wendake since the museum's opening in March 2008. The traditional, permanent cultural collection is now complimented by a contemporary display by eight up-and-coming artists from across the country.

St.Patrick’s Cadets and the March 17th parade

Annual Jeffery Hale golf tournament a great success

Photo: Jeffery Hale Community Services

Reverend Mrs. Burgess arrives to celebrate St. Andrew’s Church 250th anniversary

Photo: Ken Schankler

Following her retirement after 30 years as a teacher of music, English and French, Rev. Katherine Burgess said she heard God’s calling. That led her to a degree in Theology at McGill University and, finally, to St. Andrews Church.

The Kebs lead the way for the next generation on the court !

The Kebs 2009 summer basketball camp is a great success!

09_Kebs_Photocampete_Jonas Pierre.jpg
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