September 23 2015 Edition

General Elections 2015: (1) Why I like the NDP/Liberals

This is the first of four articles that will appear in the coming weeks in the run-up to the General Election on 19 October. The titles for the other three will be: (2) Why I Don’t Like the NDP/Liberals; (3) Why I Like the Conservatives; and (4) Why I Don’t Like the Conservatives. 

Céad míle fáilte to the Vieux-Québec Feis

Have you ever wondered how Michael Flattley of Riverdance and “Lord

Michael Haberlin

Dorothée Lavoie: A rebel with a cause

split lady.jpg
Photo: Dorothée Lavoie

Dorothée Lavoie is a non-conformist whose mission in life is to encourage as many people as possible to join her. She made a name for herself 25 years ago when she began to teach therapeutic stretching classes, challenging people to change their attitudes about health, personal responsibility and aging. 

FCVQ rolls out red carpet

movie screening.jpg
Photo: Ruby Pratka

The red carpet was rolled out in front of the Palais Montcalm for the opening of the fifth Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec (FCVQ) last Thursday evening. 

Out on a school night with Andy Brown

school night.jpg
Photo: Sarah Barclay

Some 20 individuals bask in the light glowing softly around New Brunswick folk singer Andy Brown and his acoustic guitar in the basement of Le Cercle. The audience includes a handful of Quebec High School (QHS) staff and former students, many of whom are long-time followers and fellow musicians themselves. 

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