September 23 2009 Edition

Douglas Wren 1922 - 2009


Newly Published Book Details History of Seven Years’ War


Newly Published Book Details History of Seven Years’ War

Photo: National Battlefields Commission

"It was a very nice way of commemorating the battle," said Andre Juneau, President of the National Battlefields Commission.

Port Celebrates Half a Million Cruise Boat Visitors to Quebec City

Photo: Port of Quebec Administration

More than 500,000 passengers have disembarked from cruise ships at the Quebec City port of call since it was inaugurated in 2002.

"We are very proud that half a million people went through the new terminal," said Ross Gaudreault, President and CEO of the Port of Quebec, noting the cruise industry brings business to local restaurants, shops, taxis and the air port.

Memorials and Things of Fame


The Morning Chronicle

Valcartier Soldiers Are Demonstrating Their Bravery

Pte Jonathan Couturier.jpg

A Canadian Forces chaplain spoke of the fragility of life, as family members of the latest Valcartier-based soldier to die in Afghanistan were quoted as saying that Private Jonathan Couturier felt less than totally committed to the war effort.

Jack Hérisset’s Bell Challenge Is Tennis At Its Best

Bell Challenge Sep 19 2009 007.jpg
Photo: Mary White

Jacques Hérisset has a passion for tennis, a passion he lives through his commitment to the annual Bell Challenge, through his work at Club Avantage and through his coaching.

The Coming Corporate Fascism Part IV

This control over the average person's life will, at some point, become so oppressive, that it will serve as a selling point to encourage the people of earth to go and live in the so-called ‘off-world' colonies, either on Mars, or elsewhere.

Get Involved in Grass-roots Social Justice and Community Development Initiatives

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my strong disapproval with your decision to publish some of the statements made by Peter Stuart in part III of his series "The Coming Corporate Fascism."

Les Capitales Are Champions

Les Capitales de Quebec are champions of the Can-Am League for the second time in four years, eliminating the Worcester Tornadoes Friday night at Stade Municipal. Les Capitales won the series three games to one.

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