September 22 2010 Edition

Shannon committee stresses family needs

The municipality of Shannon wants to play a greater part in the evolution of families' needs. This desire was manifested by the nomination of a councillor in 2009 to look into the questions and needs of families and senior citizens.

Celtic Festival continues to grow

Packed houses for a show by the young rock band Irish Moutarde at Pub St-Alexandre and a night of Irish folk tales at Le Billig restaurant, two nights of the ever-popular whisky tasting event at the Morrin Centre and a performance by the Irish singer Meav and Les Rhapsodes choir at the Palais Montcalm were among the highlights of the week-long Celtic Festival that concluded over the weekend.

The game of golf sets a ‘course for poetry’

François Dorion was never, by his own admission, much of a golfer.

"Lousy," he said. "I was just a junior. I didn't practice at it with the intention of being good."

Nevertheless, he gathered enough from the his experiences on the links to write a book of poetry entitled Strolling on the Links of the Golf Track.

Exhibit focuses on Sillery during the times of James MacPherson LeMoine

A new exhibit recently opened at the Villa Bagatelle which focuses on the life and times of James MacPherson Le Moine (1825 - 1912).

A man of many talents - lawyer, Inspector of inland revenue, and a prolific author - Le Moine was prominent among the intellectual and political élite of Quebec City in the 19th century.

Community Rallies For Support Through Basketball Tournament

A fight that has touched far too many continues for Shawn Bélanger.

Bélanger is a forward for the Champlain St. Lawrence College basketball team. He was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Memorials and Things of Fame for September 22, 2010

The Morning Chronicle

Spelling Lessons: Whisky Or Whiskey?

I know, I know... you thought you'd left spelling lessons behind when you left school! And you're probably wondering why you should even give a hoot about how to spell the name of your favourite spirit.

Disappointed at lack of ‘whisky’ knowledge

I commend the QCT sponsorship of the Whisky Tasting activity that marked the start of the Quebec Celtic Festival at Morrin Centre on September 10th.

A ‘well-publicized event’

Whether one agrees with the aim of the 35-group coalition that sponsored last weekend's rally, which attracted 3,000 people opposed to Bill 103, one must give credit for the much-publicized and well-organized event.

Local luminaries enjoy the party at revival of VEQ’s fall fest


CQSB Commission President Stephen Burke, City Councilwoman and Deputy Mayor Michelle Morin-Doyle, retiring Eastern Quebec Learning Centre Director Bruce Willet and Gail Quinn of Jeffrey Hale Community Partners enjoy the festivities at Saturday's revival of the Voice of English-speaking Quebec's Fall Fest at Quebec High School.

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