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News Digest September 18, 2013

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Mrs. Madeline Chouinard (nee King)




VEQ Fall Fest has a surprise visitor

Photo: Danielle Burns

On a rainy Saturday, September 14, the Voice of English-speaking Quebec (VEQ) held their fourth annual Fall Fest by teaming up with St. Vincent Elementary School, which hosted a corn roast. In the school's gymnasium, Fall Fest brought together some 700 members and friends of the English-speaking community. Over 40 businesses and community groups took part.

Lucie Safarova 21st Challenge Bell Champion


The 21st professional women's tennis Challenge Bell tournament ended over the weekend with a disappointing loss on Saturday for the only remaining Quebecer, young Eugénie Bouchard, who lost in the semi-final.

Mount Hermon Cemetery sells strip of land to Ville de Québec

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Under an agreement signed this spring between Mount Hermon Cemetery and the Ville de Québec, ownership of a narrow strip of land along Côte de Sillery outside the cemetery fence was transferred to the municipality.

The Ville de Québec is currently undertaking Phase 1 of a two-year project, which includes work on the hill from Église Saint-Michel to chemin Saint-Louis.

Reburial in Mount Hermon Cemetery

Photo: Photo by Rev. Bruce Myers

While widening the Côte de Sillery, the street which runs the length of the west end of Mount Hermon Cemetery in Quebec City's historic borough of Sillery, city construction workers had a surprising find.

Proposals for a new Charter of Quebec Values presented


On September 10 at the National Assembly, the Minister responsible for Democratic Institutions and Active Citizenship, Bernard Drainville, presented the government's proposals on religious neutrality of the government and religious accommodation to Premier Pauline Marois.

Coast Guard tragedy in the North

Photo: Photo credit Fisheries and Oceans Canada, J. Beardsdell

During a routine ice reconnaissance mission in the far North on September 9, a tragic accident occurred in the McClure Strait, in the vicinity of Banks Island, Northwest Territories.

Show de la Rentrée launches Université Laval school year


The 12th edition of the Show de la Rentrée kicked off the Université Laval academic year at the Maurice-Pollack Building on September 11. By 7:00 p.m., students, faculty and the general public were enjoying drinks and dinner while listening to a live broadcast from the university's radio station CHYZ.

How fast is a pro cyclist, anyway?

Photo: Bethann G. Merkle

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