September 16 2009 Edition

The Difference Between Law And Love

Positive Pre-Season Performance For The Saint Lawrence Lions

With the training camp evaluation, team selection and hard-paced practices making headway for the Lions first regular season home game, Coach Mike Labadie says he is satisfied with the team's attitude and readiness to work each day. The Lions are in their early stages of team building and hockey orientation. Players have been tested by a competitive pre-season exhibition schedule.

Jay Sewall plays the Theatre Champlain

Blues guitarist/harmonica player Jay Sewall has been a regular on the Quebec City blues scene for over two decades. Next week, he will bring those blues to the intimate stage at the Theatre Petit Champlain.

The Coming Corporate Fascism Part III

A new arms race would emerge, and competition for resources would-be fierce, as each Navy would race to sign treaties with African, and Asian nations to gain access to ports, minerals, goods, trade secrets, shipping lanes, etc...

Mayor pledges to restore the Quebec Bridge

Sept 12 09 082.jpg
Photo: Mary White

With municipal elections imminent, Mayor Labeaume has promised to fight to restore Quebec's landmark bridge if he is re-elected. He is aiming to connect with the CN and its primary stockholder, Bill Gates.

Celtic Festival Had More Than Just Celts Celebrating

Your reporter failed to notice that the Celtic Festival held at the Morrin Centre from September 4 - 6 is NOT just an Irish festival.

The Celts include people from Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany and Ireland.

If he had looked around that weekend, he would have seen first, and foremost:

Morrin Centre’s New Programming Schedule To Begin This Week

Much of the Morrin Centre's experimental fall programming begins this week.

The Morrin Centre is a heritage site, and cultural centre for the Anglophone population of Quebec City which includes an English library.

Simon Jacobs, the executive director, calls the programming experimental because "we are finding out what we are capable of."

Quebec soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice

Private Patrick Lormand, 21,Chute-à-Blondeau, Ontario 2nd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment Battle Group, September 13; Improvised explosive device, Panjwayi District, Afghanistan.

Looking Good For The 2010 St. Patrick’s Day Parade

St-Pat's old photo.jpg
Photo: Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph 1926 Archives

The president of the organizing committee for the St-Patrick's Day Parade in Quebec City hopes to be able to announce a city-approved date and route for the much-anticipated event in less than three weeks.

Peter Ferrell says he knows the parade will not be on March 14, as it would compete with the well-established Montreal St-Patrick's Day Parade.

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