September 14 2011 Edition

Kilts, Celts and Wizards launch the Quebec Celtic Festival

Photo: Photo: Shirley Nadeau

The 6th annual Quebec Celtic Festival got underway with the opening parade on Saturday and it seems that the Celtic gods blessed the entire weekend with fantastic weather.

The parade was led by two pipe and drum bands: the 78th Fraser Highlanders of Quebec City and the Black Watch from Montreal.

Gregory Charles at Quebec International of Sacred Music

Photo: Photo: Gregory Charles productions

"I am the most passionate person about music ever!" says Gregory Charles, who will host the Special 15th

Anniversary Concert for the Quebec International of Sacred Music on September 15.

U.S. Consul unveils September 11 tribute plaque

Photo: Photo: Amanda Halm

Ten years have gone by, millions of tears have been shed for the thousands of lives that were lost. But there are still no words. No words that can accurately depict the grim scene in New York the morning of September 11, 2001. Moments of silence across the U.S., Canada, and outside the U.S. Consulate General in Quebec City seem to express it all.


Gilbert wins Grand Prix Cycliste in Quebec

Photo: Photo: Amanda Halm

Philippe Gilbert, a 29-year-old from Belgium took first in the Grand Prix Cycliste a 201 km, 16-lap race through the steep hills and narrow streets of Old Quebec.

Gilbert needed six points to secure the top spot in the Union Cycliste International (UCI) World Tour rankings and in his words, "complete his mission" last Friday.

A tenth anniversary commentary of 9/11

In the wake of last Tuesday's attack on New York, I feel a need to share my feelings and memories. We were all profoundly shattered last week by the monumental events. I felt it personally. The pain is real and still raw.

Though I have been living in beautiful Quebec City for over 20 years now, I grew up in New York. I was four years old when my family left Toronto to live in Manhattan.


The Morning Chronicle

Work, in spite of its being a consequence of the curse, is yet the source of almost all the physical and much of the mental happiness we enjoy. We do indeed sometimes grumble at it, but when we have no work to do we sigh for it again.

All Aboard: Le Massif rail cruise to take maiden voyage

Fall brings about many things: crisp fall leaves, apple cider and the "choo-choo" of a new train to Charlevoix.

Ten years later Valcartier’s firefighters reunite on September 11

Photo: QCT Archives September 19, 2001, Photo Mike Reshitnyk

Ten years ago, Valcartier's volunteer firefighters rallied to support the New York Fire Department when the Twin Towers tumbled down.

Quebec’s common-law partners don’t share Canada’s common laws

The Supreme Court of Canada will soon decide if the province of Quebec is unjust in denying common-law partners the right to seek spousal support following a break-up. Just weeks ago, Quebec's attorney general filed a brief to the nation's highest court asking for a final ruling in the Lola vs.


1925 - 2011 AIKATERINI


Kay Tcharos, age 86, passed away at the Résidence Cherbourg on June 28, 2011. She lived in Brossard. The funeral service was held on Saturday, July 2, at the Église Baptiste Evangélique de Beauport and from there to Mount Hermon Cemetery.

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