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Haiti Week at DDO

Our students and staff members have been highly sensitized to the terrible earthquake that occurred in Haiti a few weeks ago. A number of our students' parents have been called to duty on yet another mission: to help, treat, bring order, console and feed hundreds upon hundreds of homeless children and adults alike.

Community building at Dollard-Des-Ormeaux School

Environment, Peace, Unity and Democracy are the four pillars of a Brundtland Green School. At D.D.O. we are taking the steps to make this a reality for us. At the same time, students gain invaluable life skills and experience through hands-on projects.

Valcartier Elementary School Update

February was a very busy month for the students at Valcartier Elementary School!

The Cycle 3 class was busy fundraising for a trip they took to the Cosmodome in Montreal in January. The Cycle 3 class also participated in a Project Linus (making blankets for sick children) in January. They made 18 blankets for Project Linus.

Everest Elementary School: Reaching New Heights Together!

The winter Olympics are not only athletic events, they also foster humane values. We see countries pull their strengths together for the success and well-being of their teams. We hear of communities join hands to support their athletes. We witness families and friends pay tribute to their loved ones. And finally, we admire our athletes dedicate themselves to their sport.

Majestic Puppets at Holland School

puppets 001color.jpg
Photo: Anna Maria Romani

You have seen small puppets in a puppet show but have you ever seen giant puppets?

We were fortunate enough to work with a puppeteer named Jacques Boutin who showed us how to make giant puppets.

St. Patrick’s: Sports Etudes try outs to Happy Day celebrations to Robotics Club

St.Patricks' Robotics.jpg
Photo: Linda Bartman, Halo Images

St Patrick's High School has been busy with various activities over the past few months, from the Sports Etudes try outs to Happy Day celebrations to Robotics Club.

Every Tuesday, students interested in robotics have the chance to demonstrate their creativity by building Lego robots that defy different challenges each week.

Holland Elementary does Chores-4-Haiti

At Holland School, students really wanted to help Haiti earthquake victims, so we came up with Chores-4-Haiti. Members of the Student Council went to each class to inform students about the tragic earthquake.

Winter goes Crazy at Holland School !

Photo: Russel Grocock

This year, Holland School students have been busy exercising and enjoying the beautiful winter weather.

On Friday February 5, all the six graders went to the ski center Le Relais. Beginners needed to take a lesson but people who already skied were allowed to go anywhere they wanted. Of course we had to wear a helmet!

CQSB Performing Arts Festival

This spring, the Central Québec School Board will be hosting its seventh Performing Arts Festival. The event provides an opportunity for elementary and secondary students throughout the school board to share their enthusiasm and passion for the performing arts.

The elementary festival will take place Friday, April 9 at Everest Elementary School, 2280 rue Laverdière

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