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Quebec High School’s Class of 2018 one of the largest in years

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Photo: Peter Black

The Quebec High School (QHS) graduating class of 2018 is, according to longtime principal Warren Thomson, one of the largest in many years, “the largest in my time.” The cohort of 95 grads was so large the school decided to move the June 18 ceremony to another school’s auditorium, rather than the usual venue, the QHS gymnasium.

Quebec getting gassed up naturally

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Is it weird or wrong to get sentimental about a kitchen appliance?

We felt a tinge of some kind of emotion as we bid adieu to our electric stove after more than 25 years of faithful service. Countless cookies, cakes, Christmas turkeys and a few replaced elements later, the old Hotpoint ended its days with a wonky timer and an oven door held closed by duct tape.

Canada: The [dirty] Story of Us

There’s quite an uproar over Canada: The Story of Us, CBC television’s 10-part series on the history of the country, produced to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

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