October 21 2009 Edition

Anglo organizations pleased with Lebaume meeting


Photo: courtesy of VEQ

From left to right: Lorne Mulroney, Louis Hanrahan, Richard Walling, Jean Robert, Helen Walling, Guylaine Caron, Ron Corriveau, Mayor Labeaume, Michelle Morin-Doyle, Michael Boden, Simon Jacobs.


Am I a male chauvinist pig? Maybe am I just one among many concerned about Social Deconstructionism?

At the risk of coming across to all my friends, especially the female ones, as a retrograde, anti-progressive, misogynist, male chauvinist pig neo-conservative macho man, I feel that I have a confession to make.

Newsy Notes - Annual Fall Tea and Sale and Valcartier Elementary School invites you to our SPAGETTI SUPPER

Fall is once again upon us and with that, annual fall sales and meals. This weekend, it's happening at McMahon Hall, which is underneath St. Patrick's Church. St. Patrick's Council of the Catholic Women's League is holding its annual Fall Tea and Sale.

The NHL in Quebec, is it feasible?

By Louis Moust, Montreal

Amid recent meetings with Bill Daly and Gary Bettman and serious talk of a new arena, the return of an NHL franchise to Quebec seems as tangible as ever. Assuming a new arena gets built, is the NHL in Quebec City a feasible project?

You have to love this guy Regis Labeaume


Mayor John Le Mesurier Quebec City Mayor, 1826-1891

from the Notman Photo Archive, Courtesy of the McCord Museum, Montreal

Quebec City Mayor John Le Mesurier

10 Important Things Learned Since I Started Driving in Québec

10 Important Things Learned Since I Started Driving in Québec

Coral Ann Izon

I have now been a proud inhabitant of Québec City for almost two years, but only recently started driving. In just a few short weeks, I had made some vital observations that I would like to share with my fellow drivers:

Bishop’s University, from the steps of Norton Hall

Bishop's University, from the steps of Norton Hall.

Wallpaper on my computer screen.

John and I have dropped in on my alma mater to check on how the old girl's doing. With personal business to attend to, John has left me to rest on the front steps of my old residence, Norton Hall, where I took this photo.

Just ten days to go until the 2009 QCWC Bookfair

bookfair 2007_2color.jpg
Photo: Photo courtesy of QCWC Bookfair committee

Québec City bibliophiles will be flocking to the Eastern Québec Learning Centre (EQLC) on Saturday October 31 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to stock up on their winter reading material. The Québec City Women's Club's (QCWC) used book sale is a much anticipated event which is held annually on the last Saturday in October.

Centre helps wounded soldiers back to their feet


Sgt. Etienne Aube feels lucky to be alive, three months after stepping on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan's Kandahar province July 17.

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