October 19 2016 Edition

The Quebec Observatory: a room with a view

Photo: Juanita Craig

Here’s a whole new way to see the city from the Observatoire de la Capitale situated on the 31st floor of Édifice Marie-Guyart, also known as “Complexe G,” 221 metres above sea level. The building, completed in 1972, is 132 metres high (to the rooftop, not including the antenna) and is the tallest in Quebec City. 

Boo!! Ghost flowers for Halloween

ghost flowersrgergq.jpg
Photo: Lise Lafond

While out for a walk with a friend this past summer, she asked me to identify what, at first, I thought was a funny bunch of mushrooms. I knew I had seen something similar at home so I went exploring. What I found was a cluster of small waxy, white plants growing in the shade of the pine trees. 

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