October 14 2009 Edition

Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume visited François-Xavier-Garneau College last Wednesday

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Dorothy Cooney (Sainte-Marie de Beauce)

Dorothy Cooney (Sainte-Marie de Beauce)

“$1 million spent in tax funds from English School Boards”

I am a retired teacher who for over 10 years has been a frequent attendee of the Lester B. Pearson School Board Council meetings. Permit me to elaborate on the October 7, QCT article : "QESBA to meet at Concorde next weekend; Bill 88 on agenda?"

Oysters and a bottle of Worcestershire

My father told me that in the olden days - he was born in 1891 - oyster boats used to pull in to the pier near the Levis ferry. The men from the offices on Peter Street, then the principal business, law and journalism district of Quebec City, came down to meet the boats. Long tables were set up on the pier, covered with newspapers.

Not just a job search success story


Andrew Greenfield immigrated to Quebec homeland simply to find a better life.

"There is more space here, the cost of living is much lower, there is no criminality and women are more equal here than they are in England," said the 35-year-old native of Great Britain. "I have two daughters and a wife, I want the best opportunities for them."

A Tax-effective Stimulus to Strengthen Canada’s Charities

The government's fiscal stimulus plan has provided crucial funding for Canada's economy during this global economic and financial crisis. While a few not-for-profit organizations have benefited directly from the fiscal stimulus plan, Canada's hospitals, universities, social service agencies and arts and cultural organizations are facing fundraising challenges.

Letter From Canadian Soldier in Afghanistan

I've really enjoyed being able to stay up to date with what's going on at home while I've been here in Afghanistan, and for the chance to give a different view to readers about what life here is like. Getting my paper in the mail was a real morale booster. Thanks again for everything.

Kyle Giffin

QCT contributor’s work on display in the US


Photographer Jay Ouellet last week received the thrill of a lifetime in the form of a letter the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, requesting the use of one of his photos in an upcoming space photo exhibit entitled "Moving Beyond Earth."

Mayor Labeaume encourages Quebec City’s young voters and repeats the need to restore the Quebec Bridge

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Photo: Marie White

Quebec Mayor Régis Labeaume visited François-Xavier-Garneau College last Wednesday. Accompanied by first-time candidates Francine Lortie for the St.Louis-Sillery district and Claude Thibeault for St. Sacrement-Belvedere, he arrived just before noon in the students' popular Salle des pas perdus.

LHSQ President David Blair seeks continued community support for the Morrin Centre

Despite having raised over $4 million for the continuing restoration of the Morrin Centre, Literary and Historical Society of Quebec President David Blair said it's not too late to offer a contribution.

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