October 12 2016 Edition

Meet the new U.S. Consul General in Quebec City, Allison Areias-Vogel

consul generalbnfkwkefk.jpg
Photo: the U.S. Consulate

Pierre Bonnard: Radiant Colour exhibit opened at the MNBAQ

pierre bonnardqwdjqnwd.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

On October 5, the Musée national des Beaux-Arts du Québec (MNBAQ) launched the exhibit Pierre Bonnard: Radiant Colour. It is the first international exhibit presented in the museum’s new Pierre Lassonde pavilion. 

Stories of life in Brazil at the Musée de la Civilisation

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Gary Lynch restores classic cars to life

gary lynch old car.jpg
Photo: Gary Lynch

On the sea that’s aquaplaning, in the air that’s aeroplaning, but on the land, in the traffic, on the hills, hot diggity dog, THAT'S TERRAPLANING,” as the 1933 slogan says for the Hudson Motor Car Company. The Terraplane was the name of the brand and model built between 1932 and 1938.

Hurricane Matthew a rare Category 5

Photo: Rachel Collet

Hurricane Matthew ripped along the Atlantic coast of Florida avoiding a direct hit on the Sunshine State but still leaving over one million homes without power on Friday, October 7. 

Poking fun with PARAPROSDOKIANs

A paraprosdokian is wordplay where the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected in a way that causes the reader or listener to reframe or reinterpret the earlier part. 

No playoffs for St. Pat’s seniors in 2016

football guyswbefnwef.jpg
Photo: Luc Lang

The St. Patrick’s Fighting Irish (seniors) last football playoff hopes were buried this past Sunday, October 9, as the Green and Gold were hammered 31-12 by the College Francois-de-Laval (CFL) Alérions, in the final home game of the season on the Plains of Abraham field.

German Choir of Quebec present Max and Moritz

max and moritz.jpg

On Sunday, October 23, at 3 p.m., the German Choir of Quebec will present the first two episodes of the cantata Max and Moritz, a piece for choir and piano.  

Kim Nguyen talks about his latest movie, Two Lovers and a Bear

two lovers and a bearqwdqwd.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

On October 3, Oscar-nominated director Kim Nguyen invited media to Le Clap cinema to watch his latest movie called Two Lovers and a Bear. A few days later, media representatives met with Nguyen at the Auberge Saint-Antoine in Lower Town, to discuss his film and behind-the-scenes secrets of the movie. 

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