November 5 2014 Edition

News Digest November 5 2014


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Bill 10: Richard Walling stands up for community governance

Bill 10.jpg
Photo: Ruby Pratka

Richard Walling's life began at Jeffery Hale Hospital.

"I was born in the Jeff, and I like to think they never let me leave," Walling says with a smile. "Jeffery Hale - Saint Brigid's has been a part of my life for all my life," he says.

QCT kids go trick-or-treating

trick or treat2.jpg
Photo: Kasia Borkowska


What a treat! This little lamb, 8-month-old Stella Dubé, stayed warm in a fleecy costume and was visibly impressed by the jack-o’-lanterns on her first Halloween. No tricks here…. 


Quebec High School students hold successful blood drive

blood drive.jpg
Photo: Ruby Pratka

Quebec High School leadership teacher Fannie Marsh and her Secondary IV and V students celebrated their most successful blood drive yet on Tuesday afternoon at the school. The students organized and publicized the drive in partnership with Héma-Québec. A record number of 92 people, including many QHS alumni and staff members, gave blood.

A vote of confidence for the Central Quebec School Board

I have lived in Quebec City on and off since 1987, for a total of 23 years. For the first time in all those years, in early October I received a form in the mail inviting me to vote for one of several candidates running for the Commission scolaire de la Capitale, which would be holding elections on Sunday, November 2.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
The Fall Fair was held yesterday at St. Paul's Market and was very successful, the show of cattle being much larger than at any former Fair.

The story behind the name of Avenue Dalton

Photo: Bill Cox

Avenue Dalton is located in an industrial park tucked between Autoroutes Henri-IV and Robert-Bourassa, Boulevard Charest and Boulevard Versant-Nord.

Avenue Dalton is named for John Dalton (1766 -1844), a British chemist, meteorologist and physicist, who is best known for his pioneering work in the development of modern atomic theory.

Bill 10: Barrette reassures English-speaking community groups

Minister of Health Gaétan Barrette promised to protect the availability of English-language health services in Quebec City at parliamentary hearings on Thursday, October 27, about a bill that has left many Anglophones skeptical.

Bill 10 aims to consolidate the province's health-care bureaucracy.

Remembering Sergeant Garnet Wolseley LeMesurier, 1882-1915

Photo: Caddell family archives

By all accounts, the summer of 1914 was the warmest in years. The 11 members of the LeMesurier family left Quebec City behind and joined their friends at their summer home in Kamouraska, enjoying meals, dances, golf, tennis and picnics in the picturesque town down-river.

Gilmour Hill now open all year for commuters

gilmour hill.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

After being closed for almost a year, Gilmour Hill was re-opened by the National Battlefields Commission (NBC) on October 31, to the pleasure of representatives of the park and the municipal, provincial and federal governments, and especially to the delight of commuters.

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