November 2 2011 Edition

Claire Martin reminisces about her work at CBC

Photo: provided by Claire Martin

Spending an afternoon conversing with Claire Martin in the comfort of her apartment is an enriching experience. The 97-year-old writer, whose award-winning Quebec classic In an Iron Glove graces the shelves of the library of the Literary and Historical Society, has written many other books and has led a life that is worthy of note.

Another successful Quebec City Women’s Club Book Fair

Photo: Debbie Stowe

The sun was a welcome sight for those standing in line outside the Eastern Quebec Learning Centre for the annual Quebec City Women’s Club Book Fair last Saturday. To pass the time, many were overheard speaking of the cold, gray morning that they endured last year, proving that the Book Fair has a loyal following.

Quebec English School Boards Association elects new President

The Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA) recently announced the election of its new President David D’Aoust.

Community Christmas Hamper Campaign prepares for a new season

Organizing Ctte CCHC 2011.jpg
Photo: Lucy Girard

Stores around town have packed up all their unsold Halloween candy, costumes and decorations and already Christmas stock is being put on the shelves. Every year it comes as such a shock as the seasons change so quickly from mid-October to early November. It seems like just yesterday we were sipping cold drinks on the balcony and enjoying the last warm days of summer.

Homecoming memory for Remembrance Day

Photo: Phil Paquet

In the spring of 1946 my soldier brother, Raymond Paquet, age 21, returned home from World War II. This photo was taken at a surprise party the day after his arrival to thank him for a job well done. The event was attended by exactly 52 family members and friends in Quebec City.

Are Quebec City’s anglophones a “community in peril?”

On Friday, October 28, three well-known Quebec City residents − Louisa Blair, Richard Walling, and Taylor Ireland − were interviewed on the television program “Mise à jour Québec.” The program was hosted by Pénélope Garon and appeared on Canal Vox, which is viewable on TV only by Videotron subscribers.

John McCrae’s legacy from Flanders Fields

Photo: Wikipedia

Canadian doctor, poet, author, artist and soldier, Lieutenant Colonel John Alexander McCrae was a soldier during World War I and a surgeon during the Second Battle of Ypres. Born in Guelph, Ontario, to a military family on November 30, 1872, he became the author of the now famous poem In Flanders Fields, a Remembrance Day classic across the country and throughout the world.

Remember Summer 2011?

Before we get our boots stuck in the cold slush of winter, I though it would be nice to reminisce once more about summer 2011. What better subject than the Canyon on the Ste. Anne River. The site is accessible on route 138 East, at the top of the big hill six kilometers past the Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré Basilica.

QAC’s 30th anniversary celebrations

It was wonderful seeing all those happy faces on the cover of the most recent Chronicle Telegraph to arrive at Boutilier’s Point. I could feel the positive energy and almost felt like I had been there.

Hello Shirley

Thank you for the lovely article you wrote about our Oktoberfest! Johanne, one of my choristers, commented on how well it reflected the evening, the choir and the whole context in so limited a space.
And thank you for breathing new life into the paper....!

- Katharina Urbschat, Professor of Music and German, Choir Director and organizer of cultural events

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