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Train derailment near Sept-Îles claims life of lone conductor

Photo: Photo from Facebook

Engineer Enrick Gagnon would not have had a chance of stopping the train he was driving along the winding track north of Sept-Îles by the time he realized a landslide of rock was blocking the railbed early on Thursday morning, November 6. The train would have required at least two kilometres of track to come to a halt.

Bill 10: A “line in the sand” that cannot be crossed

I am writing to join the chorus of voices expressing concern about Bill 10 and the devastating effect it would have on the vitality of the English-speaking community of the Capitale-Nationale region and on the survival of its health and social services establishment, Jeffery Hale - Saint Brigid's.

Merged into one organization as a result of the last health reform in 2007, Saint Brigid's Home cel

Quebec City and Lévis mayors want CN to finish repainting Quebec Bridge

quebec bridge.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

On November 3, Mayors Régis Labeaume and Gilles Lehouillier held a press conference to draw attention to the almost hundred-year-old Quebec Bridge, which has been neglected by Canadian National Railway (CN) since 2005.

A meeting with the Mayor on Halloween

mayor with kids.jpg
Photo: Photo by Gina Gauvin

Louis-André Roy, Sharly Goudin, Alex Boulinguez and Dylan Brown, students from Quebec High School's Challenge Program, had a happy chance meeting with Mayor Régis Labeaume (third from left) when they were checking out the Halloween decorations next to City Hall on October 31. With them are Sarah Blair (far left) and Cynthia Patterson (centre with red boots).

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
Complaints have frequently been made of the number of idle boys hanging about the Music Hall entrance, St.

The story behind the name of Rue Dermot

Photo: Bill Cox

Rue Dermot is in Sainte-Foy, not too far from the original O'Gallagher family home on Chemin Saint-Louis, near Pierre Laporte Bridge and the autoroute access ramps.

The street is named after Dermot-Ignatius O'Gallagher (1891-1977).

Court is in session for QAC’s Witness for the Prosecution

witness for prosecution.jpg
Photo: Sharon MacLeod

After two months of twice-weekly rehearsals, the characters are now developed, the costumes are chosen and the lines are memorized (well, nearly) .... Yes, it's all coming together as the Quebec Art Company (QAC), Quebec City's English-language amateur theatre group, gears up for another production, this time Agatha Christie's courtroom drama, Witness for the Prosecution.

Music Enrichment Program at Quebec High School a catalyst for creativity

QHS_music kids.jpg
Photo: Kasia Borkowska

Classes start at 9:10 a.m. at Quebec High School but the place is abuzz with activity well before 8 o'clock. Students in David Rompré's and Gregory Domonkos' Music Enrichment Program are hard at work on their various music projects. Sitting in the doorway there's a girl strumming her guitar and singing along. In the room next door, a group of friends jam, breaking to chat briefly.

Saint Brigid’s Guild sale a wild success

guild sale.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

The recent sale held by Saint Brigid's Guild in the lower hall of Saint-Charles-Garnier church was wildly successful.

John O'Connor, ensuring crowd control at the entrance to the church from the parking lot, estimated that some 500-600 people attended the ever-popular event. The hall only holds a certain number of people, and after the first group entered, he let in more people as others left.

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