May 4 2011 Edition

Canadian Loonie hits new three-year high against American Dollar

Photo: Photo by Marie White

The Canadian dollar reached a new three-year high against the American dollar last week which seems to confirm Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's January statement that the high Canadian dollar was a reflection of the "sound fiscal situation" in Canada. Three months ago, he had predicted that the loonie would hover at parity with the U.S.

Courage to spare - “Pretty Good!”

You probably know someone, like my friend Darrel, who has courage to spare.

Cultural Interlude

A delightful day of art, music and high tea

You are cordially invited to a Cultural Interlude, a delightful day of art, music and high tea. The event will take place Sunday, June 5, 2011 at the Domaine Cataraqui, 2141, Chemin Saint-Louis, Sillery, G1T 1P9. The day will begin at 10:00 a.m with the Art Symposium. You can wander the beautiful grounds of Domaine Catarqui and observe several artists at work.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2011

Organisatrices Quinzaine 2011.gif

Quebec City is hosting The Fairtrade Fortnight for the seventh year. Cities around the globe organize a Fairtrade Fortnight each year to bring awareness to labour issues in the global trade market. In Quebec, the event organizers are Plan Nagua and Dix Mille Villages (Ten Thousand Villages).

The Fair Trade movement has been gaining momentum in the past ten years.

Our heavenly Father’s motherly love

I grew up on a farm in eastern Ontario, the youngest of five children. With time, each of my older brothers and sisters left home and moved on to build lives and careers that did not include our family farm.



Canada Post honours the Royal Wedding


\Canada Post issued two commemorative stamps on the Royal Couple's wedding day. One stamp is at the domestic rate and another at the international rate. Stamp collectibles and gift products are available also to commemorate the day with special keepsakes.

A Tribute to Graham Jackson


On Saturday, April 30, the Church Society of the Anglican Diocese of Quebec paid a well-earned tribute to Canon Graham Jackson for his many years of service as Warden to the diocesan layreaders.

Quebec City gears up for BIXI

With summer fast approaching, it's easy to see that Quebec City residents are ready to get back on their bikes and enjoy the outdoors. Next month, tourists and residents alike will have the opportunity to take a spin on a BIXI bike.

In 2009, BIXI, a public bicycle sharing program, was launched in Montreal, and quickly spread to cities as far as Melbourne, Australia.

An Open Letter to the leaders of the five main political parties in Canada

Dear Political Party Leaders:

One of the saddest and most tragic situations facing Canadian society is the high rate of suicide in our country. This social phenomenon is both unnecessary and destructive. Year after year, desperate lonely people find little or no support to deal with their illness, inner turmoil or confusion.

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