May 27 2009 Edition

'Keep up the good job and know that we watch and laugh and cry with you'

Every now and then it happens.

Like the other day, dancing in my living room, smiling at my husband and laughing with my children, and suddenly, a song comes on that I vaguely recognize.
"Hey," I say to Carl, "Benoît read those words to us when he came back from Afghanistan."
Then I tune into Shawn Hlookoff's Soldier lyrics, and I am no longer dancing.

Claude Simard of Deployment Support Group Valcartier


Claude Simard of Deployment Support Group Valcartier helps Nathalie Boudreault send a package to husband Warrant Officer Francis Bérubé of the Royal 22e Regiment Battle Group. The DSG in the Valcartier Family Centre serves as a drop-off for100 packages bound for Afghanistan weekly.

Congratulations!! Kaitlyn Craig of Stoneham



On Saturday May 23rd, 2009

OWENS, Lillian 1918-2009


Anglicans meet in Quebec City to review the bottom line

All eyes will be on the financial bottom line as the Anglican Diocese of Quebec its 81st Ordinary Synod at Université Laval tomorrow.

"The church has been built on a structure for 25 000 Anglicans 50 years ago," Bishop Dennis Drainville said in an interview, "when the reality is that we have less than 8000 today."

New bishop once jailed for protest

Photo: James Sweeny

Adjusting to his new position as the leader of the Anglican Diocese of Quebec and title as the twelfth Lord Bishop of Quebec will take getting used to for Dennis Drainville, once a social activist who prided himself on being anti-establishment.

629 Kiwanis Air Cadets moved to Quebec High School after fire

There was one group that was overlooked in the aftermath of the tragic fire at the Manège Militaire and that was the 629 Kiwanis Air Cadet Squadron.

They too would soon be looking for a new address.
Shortly after the fire, Kiwanis member and cadet volunteer Ben Gauvin approached Quebec High School community coordinator Ed Sweeney about building a relationship with the cadets.

Voltigeurs offer public access for historic Armoury

scene de jour (Photo provided by Voltigeur's Foundation)-mod.jpg
Photo: Illustration courtesy of The Voltigeurs de Québec Foundation

The Voltigeurs de Québec Foundation is proposing to add a huge outdoor stage looking out onto the Plains of Abraham as part of the project it is advocating for the rebuilding of its former home in the Armoury, or Manège Militaire as it is known in French, on Grande Allée.

Soldiers help soldiers tackle operational stress injuries

Having battled negative stigmas of mental health disorders and created a culture within the Canadian Forces making it okay to ask for help from mental health services, CF health experts now say the military is ready to cross the last frontier in improving mental health care for soldiers by ensuring soldiers suffering from mental illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are able to iden

Families of soldiers learn to cope and wait for return

Photo: Scott French

About 60 people crowded in to the Valcartier Family Centre last Wednesday to watch Family Hour with the Chain of Command.

The videoconference isn't a new reality series catching on near the base.

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