May 19 2010 Edition

Authority...who has it?

"I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.... I believe in the holy catholic Church." So says the Creed.

CQSB Council of Commissioners approves $796,330 renovation projects

Central Quebec School Board Council of Commissioners last week hired general contractors for the following projects: Holland School roof renovations, for $86,500; A.S. Johnson Memorial School partial window replacement, for $230,600; La Tuque High School girls' washrooms renovations, for $93,750; Shawinigan High School plumbing replacement, at $113,800, and St.

QHS Flea Market raises money for grad award

Photo: Pauline Moisy

The Quebec High School cafeteria was transformed Saturday into a flea market. From 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., members of the Parent Participation Organisation (PPO) sold items donated by teachers and students' parents during the previous week. Toys, knick-knacks, books, CDs, bicycles, all for sale to raise money for the school.

Is Charest listening to complaints of overcrowding?

Surely I am not the only one to catch the irony of the May 13, editorial of The Gazette "

Anglo leaders speak up - is Charest listening?" and on the same day the West Island Gazette front-page article: "French school land deal angers anglo board?"

Cardinal Ouellet vs. The Pro-Abortion Media

Some journalists have attacked Cardinal Marc Ouellet for his anti-abortion speeches at two recent events (the National March for Life in Ottawa, and the conference in Quebec City organized by Campagne Québec-Vie).

Ontario soldier dies in Afghanistan

Photo: DOD

Once again, Defence Minister shared kind words last week for a Canadian soldier killed in combat in Afghanistan, this soldier only a few days short of the end of his tour of duty.

NEIL, Olive, Clara 1917-2010

NEIL, Olive, Clara

Our community newspaper

I just got done reading four of your April newspapers that were given to me by one of your subscribers. I met a long-time member of the English community at my place of work, the Coopérative Funéraire des Deux Rives. I am new to the area as I moved to Québec in October of 2006 to learn French.

YPI Charity winner announced

The charity winner of the YPI program which was instituted this year at St. Patrick's High School is "SQUAT".

An admirable defense

Captain Giffen's admirable defense (CT-May 12-De Gaulle's Bum Rap) of the heroic soldiers of France defending their homeland from Nazi Germany in 1940, unfortunately, completely overlooks the fact that in September 1939, after declaring war on Germany, France's politicians and generals, ignoring calls from Poland where the bulk of the German army was engaged in the savage destruction of the countr

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